🔴 Bitcoin , Gold, and The Future of Macro Investing (w/ Dan Tapiero) #Crypto

Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International, has grown increasingly focused on the potential for crypto to reorganize the entire world. In this conversation with Raoul Pal, he defines what bitcoin really is, and explains why he sees bitcoin as the future of investment even in the face of a possible recession. In Tapiero’s view, future generations may remember the creation of the internet as a critical step towards building this new system of currency — rather than seeing it as fostering greater centralization for a small group of companies. Filmed on July 9, 2019 in New York.

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The Future of Macro Investing (w/ Dan Tapiero)

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DAN TAPIERO: Right. And I understood that, and I was with you on that. But that started a process, I
probably spent 400 to 500 hours reading, listening to podcasts. There’s some really excellent work out
there now available. That wasn’t five years ago. In terms of explaining what is Bitcoin? What is this
phenomena? What is it? And what I’ve come to see is that almost every person has a slightly different
definition for what Bitcoin is. And I think that that’s contributed to making it very difficult to adopt easily.
And so, what do I mean by that? So, I thought, okay, let’s get down to the very essence of this Yes, I
understand digital payments, store of value, reading all this stuff. But what Bitcoin really is, is that white
paper, and you go back, and you read this thing, and I don’t understand even half of it. But what you
realize is that this is a great invention. It’s not a coin. It’s a system.
The Bitcoin Revelation
It’s not a blockchain and maybe it’s an invention akin to the motor engine, or invention of electricity. It’s
something potentially a new organizing principle for humanity. And part of the problem was that people,
when they start really digging into Bitcoin, they end up saying these kinds of things, which really puts
everyone off, because you’re thinking, well, this is a madman changing the world, all of this stuff.
So, as a macro guy, I come at it, macro investor, I’m thinking, well, what’s the value of it? What’s it worth?
The difficulty I always had was trying to put a value on it. I need to know what I think it’s worth today, and
what I think it’ll be worth in three, four or five years and have a proper fit framework. And I found that very
difficult in ’14, even listening to some of our contemporaries talk about it. I didn’t quite get it.
It’s because Bitcoin is a lot of things. So, what it is, is it’s an invention. And I think it should be referred to
as an invention, rather than all the other things. What it really is, is it’s a truth machine. It’s a way, in a
way, to eradicate all fraud, or lined by human beings. The whole bigger concept of certainty, of
confirmation, of validity, of security. That’s what you’re buying- a system that now is 10 years old, has a
tremendous track record.

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