#1 Lesson I Learned Investing in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash

Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and more is a huge chance to make money AND by definition an opportunity to spend a lot of time, energy, and capital only to end up breaking even or losing money. After three years of investing, trading, speculating, obsessing, buying, selling, guessing, analyzing, and predicting, what have I found today that works to get the very highest return with the lowest amount of risk and the least amount of problems? Take the complete class free at http://jerry.tips/cryptor or hear the short version in this video where I share the value of a buy and hold strategy done every month which I learned in MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins which he learned by interviewing many of the world’s top financial gurus and billionaires. I translated the advice for me into first buying one cryptocurrency named Dash which I believed was way undervalued because it provides dividends every month when holding a masternode. To take action, I bought over 1,000 Dash to make a masternode at the end of December of 2016 and the beginning of January 2017. As soon as I did this, I started talking about Dash on my YouTube channel and podcast when the price was under $20 with the total to get a masternode under $20,000. As I continued to talk about Dash and get more involved in the community over the next few months, the price spiked to over $100 for a Dash meaning over $100,000 for a masternode. Today the price is currently around $85 and I am planning to hold my masternode indefinitely. The success of the masternode investment has tempted me to fortunately make the same mistakes I already made except on a bigger level. On several days I have been tempted to sell the masternode and then try and trade with it to make even more money. When I review the prices, I also see that the original $10,000 that is now $85,000 I could have turned into over a million dollars if I had made the right buys and sells. The problem is how do you know when to buy and when to sell? Unless you have an explicit insider advantage, which often is illegal, it is extremely difficult to accurately predict what will happen. At the same time, it is easy to get lucky and feel smarter than everyone else. With all of this in mind, I have been asking how can I consistently invest in these digital currencies online and build a retirement portfolio that profits from the gains and minimizes losses? What I am doing now and quickly explain in the video is doing a buy and hold strategy each month the same way as I have done previously with retirement accounts. Every month I pick a day to invest about 0.5 Bitcoin on Bitfinex buying everything there except Dash which allows me to invest in most of the top cryptos. On that same day I put another 0.01 Bitcoin into the top 50 Poloniex currencies excepting those I already have on Bitfinex and Coinbase where I buy $10 a day in Bitcoin and $10 a day in Ethereum. Get $10 on Coinbase when you sign up with my link and fund your account with $100 at https://www.coinbase.com/join/53f220834b1a7fd652000013. This strategy eliminates the majority of the problems I have faced so far investing and allows me to essentially bet the entire market without having to care what the price is day to day.

Thank you for reading about this video! If you have spent this much time reading, I believe you might love the full video class at http://jerry.tips/cryptor.

To maximize SEO and help Google/YouTube understand what terms relate to this video, here are the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capacity as of May 1, 2017!

1 Bitcoin

2 Ethereum

3 Ripple

4 Litecoin

5 Dash

6 Ethereum Classic


8 Monero

9 Augur

10 Golem

11 MaidSafeCoin

12 Zcash


14 SingularDTV

15 Stratis

16 Dogecoin

17 Factom

18 Decred

19 Steem

20 Tether

21 Waves

22 BitConnect

23 Lisk

24 Round

25 DigixDAO

26 GameCredits

27 iExec RLC

28 Stellar Lumens

29 Ardor

30 Iconomi

31 BitShares

32 Bytecoin

33 Byteball

34 Peercoin

35 First Blood

36 Siacoin

37 Nxt

38 SysCoin

39 Emercoin

40 Storjcoin X

41 Melon

42 Komodo

43 Namecoin

44 Xaurum

45 WeTrust

46 Nexus

47 Lykke

48 Ark

49 AntShares

50 YbCoin

51 ZCoin

52 Crown

53 Creditbit

54 NAV Coin

55 Bitcrystals

56 Agoras Tokens

57 Gulden

58 BitcoinDark

59 Counterparty

60 BlackCoin

61 Guppy

62 Rubycoin

63 Ubiq

64 BitBay

65 PotCoin

66 Wings

67 Synereo

68 Edgeless

69 Swarm City

70 DigiByte

71 Chronobank

72 Bankcoin

73 Blocknet

74 I/O Coin

75 vSlice

76 Nexium

77 Novacoin

78 MonaCoin

79 Expanse

80 ION

81 ZClassic

82 Lunyr

83 Skycoin

84 GridCoin

85 MonetaryUnit

86 PoSW Coin

87 Burst

88 LBRY Credits

89 Primecoin

90 Bitcoin Plus

91 BelaCoin

92 Clams

93 Radium

94 VPNCoin

95 E-Dinar Coin

96 Global Currency Reserve

97 SolarCoin

98 Vertcoin

99 Omni

100 SIBCoin

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