Quote: from: Wawa2013 on July 29, 2020, 11:59:58 PM Yeah, I like USDT very much, because it’s not affected by volatile cryptocurrency prices. So it’s very safe to store our assets,
after all USDT has the highest trading volume even above Bitcoin. So in my opinion with such a large USDT demand, no need
to be afraid of using USDT. Because I believe USDT is trusted to use.
Tether is used at almost any exchange and if you want to switch to Fiat, USDT is the most convenient option for you. I have never been afraid to use USDT because in general this stable coin is safe for me and any investment I use this stable coin. In the past, there was a lot of FUD about USDT but the position of USDT still stands firmly in this market.

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