7 Types Of People Who SHOULDN’T Invest In Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies

When cryptocurrency markets are doing well, many people feel the FOMO and greed and get into this space for all the wrong reasons. Cryptocurrency is a new and fickle beast that could financially wreck you if you’re not careful. In this video we’ll cover 7 reasons or situations in which you should NOT be investing or trading cryptocurrency at all. A quick teaser of the reasons or situations: High interest debt, Day trading crypto, chasing the latest Fads, want quick money, speculation-based asset, use crypto as cash fund, make back what you lost. For a deeper dive into these reasons, please give our video a watch. Original content was written by Anthony Xie, founder of HodlBot. This video is part of our content partnership with them.

Original Article: https://hackernoon.com/reasons-you-shouldnt-invest-in-cryptocurrency-100ed947ae24

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