Quote: from: Janation on Today at 06:41:46 AM Bitcoin should not be compared to gambling.
As stated by a thread in the past, gambling could lose all your money but by investing in cryptocurrencies, you won’t be losing that much, and the money you will earn or lose will depend on how much the price change. With a low adoption right now, it is true that it is mainly for investment but there are people that don’t just take it as an asset.
The difference that is very far in an instant in the game of gambling funds will lose a lot and for us 70% will lose at gambling especially not a professional at gambling.
Investments in the long term will still benefit, I think if this cryptocurrency will be more widely adopted in the future so that it can be used as a valuable asset such as gold etc. this cryptocurrency works.
And I hate it when people associate it with ponzi schemes.

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