Quote: from: QueenVera on November 12, 2020, 10:21:33 PM Bitcoin bull run has a sad occurrence that sees alts dumping in price which leads to many noobs panic selling their bags to the whales and smarter investors who knows how the market operates. While many will be advising you to dump your coins, do know they’re those waiting patiently to steal those bags off you as there’s another occurrence that not many tends to highlight, which is the fact that alts bounced back after the bitcoin rally are over. Don’t be that user that’ll regret selling their bags during the rough times instead hold unto your investment. You holding unto your investments has to have some very strong backing like the project has to be really worth it and not the hyped shitcoins getting listed on all exchanges this days. Do your due diligence and get the coins now that they’re cheap because a bounce will be coming immediately bitcoin rally is paused.
I really like the statement about holding altcoins with strong backings and projects that worth it, now the question is, how many of these altcoins are even worth it? They enter with hype, have massive pump and then dump, and some people will still be holding with the mindset it will pump again, when it’s already evident that their growth were as a result of hype, and hence nothing much should be expected.
My own opinion is, Bitcoin is the best out there, and its growth always attract more attention and more investors, and it is altcoins that suffers this, and these category of altcoins are those with no strong backings, those that were just hyped etc, in this case holding Bitcoin is far better than those coins. Also, coins like Ethereum always grow with Bitcoin, so in this case, I think holding is also better. This means that, your selling or holding should depend on the type of altcoin.

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