BEST Investment for 2019, NO It’s NOT BITCOIN!

Hello Bulldogs! John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset Here, where I teach you how to go from the Victim Mindset to the Bulldog Mindset.

The Complete Guide on How to Invest money in 2019 and the basic strategies to begin investing and growing your wealth you’ll find in this video.

Investing your money wisely, starting in 2019 can definitely increase your wealth in the following years. A clear and proper plan for investing your money can help you build your wealth and life a stress-free life in the future.

Bitcoin [01:16] – This is the first 2019 investment we are going to talk about. Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are definitely a hot thing when it comes to investments but… Are they? Or are they just speculation.

401k & Mutual Funds [04:01] – 401k is definitely one of the most popular things people do when it comes to investing in 2019. They put the money there and they just wait for luck. With low interest rates, is it the best type of investment for 2019?

Stock Market [05:44] – Another investment that can make you or break you in 2019. Again, you’re counting on speculation here… Stocks can go up… or down. Will you wait? Dividend stocks are better but not optimal. Is it the best investment for 2019?

S&P 500 Index Funds [07:28] – Now we are starting to talk… With medium interest rates, this could be a great investment, if you’re not willing to put in the work.

CDs [08:25] – Low interest rates… Not even going to consider this an investment for 2019.

Tax Free Municipal Funds [08:57] – Great investment with great interest rates and, best of all… Tax free. Good investment option for 2019.

Real Estate [10:52] – Simply one of the best investments you could make, not only for 2019 but beyond. While at first it might seem like an average return investment, it gets better and better.

Business [16:29] – If you’re lacking the money to invest in 2019, this is the way to go. Invest in business, build wealth, and drive the millionaire fastlane.

How are you going to invest your money? What are you going to do in 2019 with your money? 🤔

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