Bitcoin, 2023 investment champion, all categories (JP Morgan)

Bitcoin, 2023 investment champion, all categories (JP Morgan)

If no one will be surprised to find in our columns rather very optimistic points of view regarding the crypto ecosystem in general, and Bitcoin in particular, it is not so common for more traditional actors to align themselves with these beliefs. It is however the case today of the venerable JP Morganwhich can only bow to the obvious: for now, 2023 is Bitcoin’s year on the investment front.
Bitcoin on the 2023 podium, head and shoulders
Without even necessarily following certain preachers who announce without trembling Bitcoin at 1 million dollars… in 90 days, we will agree that the king of cryptocurrencies is in great shape in this first quarter of 2023.
An energy that will restore balm to the hearts of washed-out crypto investors at the end of an authentic year 2022 horribilis, but which above all contrasts sharply with the landscape offered by the rest of traditional finance. A sector that is currently going through one of the most worrying crises in its history, against a backdrop of series of bank failures…
Bitcoin in the firmament, “old school” finance at half mast, some would say that nothing is more logical as the first was created precisely to compensate for the deficiencies of the second. Nevertheless: the figures are eloquent, and are
recalled by investment bank JP Morgan:
It’s very simple, over the first 3 months of 2023, Bitcoin outperforms stocks in the information technology sector, the Nasdaq 100, the S&P 500, gold, real estate… and many other financial instruments. investment of all kinds.
This Olympic form has not escaped anyone, and as is customary, the entire industry is going into an escalation of optimistic forecasts for the price of Bitcoin.
These include the company Messari
who anticipates the $100,000 while many observers look at the crypto horizon with confidence, agreeing to discern the return of an overall bull market for the sector.
If the news is encouraging, especially after months of a particularly cruel and rigorous crypto winter, you will nevertheless be encouraged to know reason to keep and to avoid any phenomenon of irrational runaway. Indeed, if Bitcoin and crypto can guarantee you one thing, it is that they will always manage to take you by surprise!
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