Bitcoin Adoption Booming (Thanks to Banks)

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00:00 Introduction
00:50 The Story
01:50 News
02:37 Bitcoin holders Burgeoning Briskly
03:30 Rapid Adoption – Thanks Banks!
04:09 BTC ETH Net Flows Last 3 Months
04:39 67.7% Has Not Moved in 1 Year+
05:12 BTC up 50% Smashing All Other Asset Classes
06:42 BTC Fifty Percent Dominance
07:11 Chain Activity is Back
08:09 Solana is 3 Years Old Today
08:48 AI Tokens on Fire
09:36 AI Stocks Up Huge in 2023
11:30 Upside Down World
12:21 IA Macro Model Just Flipped Positive – Layer Out model can be found here:
13:04 BH Buy More OXY
14:37 GDPNow 3.2% GDP Growth
15:44 Stealthy 2 Trillion Dollar Injection
17:04 Gundlach -โ€Shutter the Fed – use the 2-Yrโ€
17:55 The 2 Year
18:36 ECB vs FED
19:42 US Reserves Decline
20:35 Fed Debt Maturity Pyramid
21:53 US DEBT
23:16 FedNow Timing
23:40 FedNow Launches in July – CBDC Lite
24:30 FedNow May target Low Income Users
24:55 Putin Mocks Bank Crisis

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