Bitcoin, Crypto Deflation, Nationalization, Portfolio Allocation/Layering, LUNA ETH SOL $TSLA + more

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 High use costs hamstring it now, but if ETH finds new price discovery in the future, will it possibly evolve into a 2nd store of value as BTC’s “true” silver?
01:10 Ethereum Created vs Destroyed
02:40 But the EIP 1559 Burn Is Not as Expected
03:10 Reminder of True Bitcoin Supply

04:47 Michael Saylor talks about a significant ripple effect occurring once a FAANG company adds BTC to their balance sheet. Agree? When could we see it?
05:50 FAANG & BTC
06:31 Impact of 1% Allocation from Top 13 Cash Hoarders

07:17 From your experience with profit taking, is it better to set limit sells to try and catch wicks up or set stop losses that you increase as the asset rises?
07:45 Profit Taking

09:40 SOL is 8% of your portfolio. Why is it 8% and not 18% or 28%? What is your method of portfolio allocation? Is it based on market cap or other?
10:10 IA Allocations
11:20 Crypto Portfolio Today
12:11 Pairs Vary
13:00 ETH vs BTC over 2 Years
13:30 Example Buys in April 2020

14:55 Besides being the fastest and cheapest blockchain, does SOL’s proof of history rule the day over proof of stake and/or proof of consensus?
15:16 Refresher: Proof-of-History
16:00 Proof-of-History

17:51 Do you see LUNA as an asset/ token to own with as much conviction as you do with SOL at this point and would you DCA in at these prices?
18:10 IA View on Luna

20:00 When you say “layer in”, what is a typical percentage you are adding to that position? example:layer in = +10%,going in hard = +33%, etc.
20:10 Layering in and out Depends

22:45 I see Feds eventually nationalizing Grayscale and taking their stash, ETF be damned, since the future will be about which country has MOST Bitcoin. Thoughts?
23:10 US to Nationalize Grayscale?

24:55 What trading moves would you suggest on TSLA? Would you think it is wise to get a TESLA Call option, strike $900 for September 2022 or should I go further out?
25:10 Tesla Options
26:00 Tesla Chart

26:30 Is it safe to invest in tokenized stocks on FTX and do the discounts apply for GBTC etc the same or is it best to use the stock market?
27:10 Real Stocks vs Tokenized Stocks

28:00 Should we remove all assets from exchanges and banks to protect our freedom and wealth?
28:10 No Don’t Panic … yet

29:50 Your contributions, our donations

Thanks for your $50 donation stephen weston

30:45 SpongeBob
What’s your opinion on FTM and Andre leaving the project? Is this just FUD or an actual concern? He was coding for 25+ projects that’s why curious for your take on the situation,

33:20 FutureMillionaire
thoughts on what happened with Fantom, and are you still bullish on it?

34:00 Cheryl L
Please comment on layering in on Fantom and Luna.

35:10 Crypto Creed
Many people are predicting recession. Do you think bitcoin can be safe haven asset during recession?

36:50 Alex
What is your EOY SOL price range based on your models and technical analysis? Also if you’re all in with your cash position does that mean you’re not expecting an epic crash?

40:00 AG
why is the BTC dominance percentage still so low, most analysts say people flood out of altcoins during downtrends, why haven’t they this time?

41:40 M S
Where does one to buy small amount of gold silver coins/ blocks for doomsday, what amount ideal and does one store in a safe? Mostly in crypto now.

42:40 Julio A
Your thoughts on gas prices, going up down? How long will this last. How do you see the rest of this year going.

44:10 Somebody’s Mother
Have you looked into CORZ – Core Scientific. If so, what are your thoughts on this mining company? Thanks for all you and the IA team do.

45:20 Vinicius Maciel
how to calculate inflation in cryptos?

46:20 LongTermHoldr
Given the current economy and what I believe is the likelihood of a recession, what equities would you pick up to hedge inflation, NFA

48:10 Calisthenics Wade
best way to invest & profit from rising gas prices?

49:30 THANK YOU ALL – Joke Time

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