Bitcoin Just Ended Investing | The NEW 60/40 Rule

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This all begins with the 60 / 40 Rule:
This is an investment formula discovered in the 1940’s which found the IDEAL combination of how much money you need invested in both stocks AND bonds to be able to last you INDEFINITELY, for the rest of your life, without ever running out of money.

When the 60/40 portfolio was at its peak popularity…bonds were paying a whopping 15% return…but, throughout the last 40 years, those bond returns have been consistently been dropping.

Experts are now saying that BITCOIN might soon be the replacement for BONDS in your retirement portfolio. Just recently, Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood said that people should begin treating bitcoin like a new asset class, because – it is. Large institutional and corporate investors are beginning to use Bitcoin as a hedge against the US dollar, by buying up LARGE SUMS to hold as a reserve.

When it comes to creating a portfolio that allows you one day retire and live off your investments for the rest of your life…I actually AGREE that there’s room for Bitcoin, and that BONDS might no longer give you the safety – AND THE RETURN – you’ll need in order to make that happen.

As Bond Yields have slowly gotten LOWER AND LOWER over time…it’s made them CONSIDERABLY less appealing to invest in, especially during a time where investors are WORRIED about their soon being more inflation.

For myself, I currently have about 2% of my net worth invested in Bitcoin…and, I’m slowly looking to bring that up to 5% by the end of the year. That’s not to say there can’t be a crash, or that the value won’t plummet by 80%…I’m sure, at some point, it will and that’s a risk you have to take – but, if you have DECADES to wait – allocating a SMALL PORTION of your portfolio into Bitcoin may very well be a beneficial move.

That means, as it stands right now – IF the 60 / 40 retirement portfolio is broken, I could absolutely see a place where it turns to, instead, 70% stocks, 15% bitcoin, 15% bonds…or, a slight variation of that, depending on your risk tolerance.

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