Bitcoin Mining With River Financial?

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In this video, I review River Financial’s hosted Bitcoin mining setup.

Although I like River as a potential place to buy Bitcoin, I don’t like the fact that River needs to collect personal information for its Bitcoin mining program. This defeats one of the main reasons to mine Bitcoin, which is to obtain non-KYC Bitcoin.

Unlike Bitcoin mining rigs, BTC itself never wears out or needs maintenance. BTC is an evergreen asset.

The other problem with using a hosted Bitcoin mining service like River is that you do not have custody of the mining rig itself. That’s fine in times of peace, but in a time of war, your machine may be confiscated by the company itself or by a hostile government.

“Not your garage, not your ASIC.”

I am a customer of River, but I am not being paid or compensated in any way by River for this video or any other video.

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