Bitcoin on a Budget? Worth it? How much can I amass? Better to go in hard or slow over time? #BTC
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Bitcoin on a Budget – is it too late to invest? Is it worth investing $50 a week or $500 a month? Should I invest lump sum in now and what will it look like ten years from now? All of that is answered and more for Britain, Europe and US.

DISCLAIMER: Not investment advice. This is edutainment walking thru hypothetical models

0:00 Am I too late?
0:30 Top Questions I get from Patreon.
If I invested now:
$200/wk for 10 years, can I retire?
$50/wk for 10 years, worth it?
GBP £2,000/mo, what will it amount to?
EURO €2,000 one time invested now, what will it be worth in 10 years?

1:42 FOMO Times What to do when everyone is FOMO’ing in?

2:10 Slow & Steady or Sprint?

2:30 How much would I have:
if I put $50 a week into Bitcoin 10 yrs ago
Buying $50 of Bitcoin every week for 9 years, starting 9 years ago
Total Invested: $23,500
Value today: $14,849,455 (+63,089%)

3:00 Price Action last 11 Years
2 Outcomes History-Based!
0.24 Factor of 1325% = 318% x $30K =

Or Factor of 1325% x $30K =
2011: 1,473%
2012: 186%
2013: 5,507%
2014: -56%
2015: 33%
2016: 125%
2017: 1,325%
2018: 72%
2019: 88%
2020: 302%
2021: 100% so far…..

4:00 The New Balance Sheet
Keep your assets in crypto
Keep your liabilities in FIAT
The New Balance Sheet

4:20 $200 a week is 100K by Dec 2030 starting today at current bank rates
US $200 Per Week until Dec 2030 in FIAT

5:00 $200 a week in Bitcoin will more than 5x your money
$25K goes to $126K
My BTC FV Model returns 400% ROI which is far better than any FIAT return
Sandbag to my model delta is 37K from 126K to 89K

7:00 US $50 Per Week until Dec 2030
$252K invested goes to nearly $2M under excessive model and $1.26M under my model
Avg cost per BTC is the same
1.5 BTC would be in the top 2% of all BTC holders

8:00 US $500 Per Week until Dec 2030

9:00 GBP £2,000/mo will amount to what?
The assumed exchange rate is constant at 1.39
Investing weekly is better than monthly
£2K per month aggregate total is £350K yielding 1.3M or a 269% return

9:50 What will a EURO €2,000 one-time investment worth by 2030
Assumed Euro exchange rate is constant at 1.19
Getting in early is key
My model return would be 1100% in 10 years turning €2 into €24K

11:00 Inflation decreases Purchasing Power ie the number of goods or services you would be able to purchase.
Purchasing power is the value of a currency expressed in terms of goods or services that money can buy.
What is $1M worth in 10 Years
(in today’s purchasing power)

11:40 All roads lead to…

12:00 Time in the market beats timing the market

13:20 Warren Buffett: “Bitcoin is Rat Poison”

13:50 “The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.”
-Warren Buffett

15:10 Conclusions
Investing early is better
Investing weekly is better than monthly
FIAT denomination is not important – BTC denomination is
Negative interest rate environment means people need to seek out alternatives
FIAT hedges are key
Returns over the next ten years will be nowhere near as high as last decade

Want more?
(you know what to do!)

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