Bitcoin RISKS: Chat with ARK Invest’s Yassine Elmandjra (Ep. 199)

Yassine Elmandjra is an analyst with ARK Invest covering Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain technologies. We discuss what is Bitcoin, potential risks, and various future scenarios.

Yassine on Twitter: yassineARK
As An Investment by Yassine,

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Start of interview
4:15 – The fallacy of BTC scarcity
5:30 – Comparing BTC to TSLA
7:50 – BTC as an asset
11:15 – BTC’s main value proposition is eliminating optionality of human decision
13:00 – Scarcity is linked to demand
17:30 – Role of BTC miners
19:44 – Forking BTC
20:45 – Software alone does not determine value of BTC
21:33 – Scarcity is not the lone value proposition of BTC
23:15 – BTC as a currency
26:20 – Pegging a commodity as an asset
27:20 – What’s the main value proposition of BTC?
30:15 – Protection of assets from seizure
32:40 – BTC more a commodity than currency
35:00 – BTC as a digital asset
37:25 – BTC’s original purpose as currency
38:25 – BTC’s weakness as currency
40:00 – Benefits of BTC choosing security over speed
42:50 – Lightning network
44:40 – Government crypto
46:00 – Government crypto as a threat to personal liberties
48:15 – Benefit of a way to transact outside of gov crypto
53:40 – Will governments ban BTC?
58:24 – Banning BTC like banning gold
1:06:20 – Banning BTC different from banning gold
1:07:40 – Institutions holding BTC opportunistic
1:08:20 – FB libra vs BTC
1:09:48 – China, Iran, North Korea on BTC
1:13:00 – On India banning BTC
1:16:45 – When does BTC become existential threat to gov?
1:22:25 – The profound nature of BTC
1:30:15 – Inherent investment risks of BTC vs stocks
1:40:00 – Tracking BTC’s demand
1:49:40 – Value by demand vs value by intrinsic value
1:55:22 – BTC is disinflationary
1:57:50 – How Yassine got hired at Ark
2:06:12 – Conclusion

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