Bitcoin Spark Sees Huge Uptick In Investment As Cardano Stalls

Bitcoin Spark Sees Huge Uptick In Investment As Cardano Stalls

The US Securities and Exchange Commission waged war on crypto at the beginning of the year after the collapse of the FTX exchange. The regulatory pressures have recently hugged other exchanges like Kraken following increased lawsuits initiated by the financial watchdog against these centralized crypto-oriented entities. In recent filings of the SEC/Kraken lawsuit, Cardano (ADA), a leading digital platform in Web3, was mentioned 60 times, causing panic as ADA investors began to exert selling pressures on the cryptocurrency’s underlying price. The numerous mentions in such a strong case could lead to discoveries about the exchange’s relations with the digital asset. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Spark is recording an influx of investors in its ending presale. Will Cardano recover? Cardano has increasingly been entangled in the shackles of the US regulations pioneered by the SEC. The financial watchdog has often identified Cardano as an unregistered security when filing lawsuits against major crypto exchanges such as Kraken and Binance. Since the lawsuit was filed, the price of ADA has stalled. However, analysts predict that the suits will be finalized and that the regulatory scrutiny was just a passing cloud that attempts to reshape the future of regulations in digital assets. For this reason, Cardano will likely recover if the team continues to spearhead Web3 development and deliver their promises to Cardano investors. Bitcoin Spark witnesses a huge uptick A Bitcoin hard fork has recently astonished Cardano investors with its potential gains after its ongoing ICO event. The project is currently pioneering a new revolution of decentralized finance with advanced technology that was not available at the time DeFi was developing in Ethereum and other old-generation blockchains like Cardano. The Bitcoin Spark ICO has attracted many investors to the project’s gains. The ICO is in the last stages of phase 10, and the price of one BTCS is $3.75. The price is so attractive that in a few days, investments made in phase 10 will be worth 277% when BTCS makes a grand debut on exchanges such as Uniswap and at a retail price of $10 per token. The returns get better with Bitcoin Spark’s utility. The project dictates to have a high-performance blockchain that will cost users zero charges for transaction fees. Additionally, ICO participants will enjoy a two-fold mining rate to accumulate thousands of dollars in two years. After the two years elapse, the mining rate of the project will stagnate and standardize to enhance equality for all participants. The mining rate was introduced to reward early investors who initially believed in the project. The network developers are currently manning beta tests of the Bitcoin Spark mainnet, which is scheduled for official release after BTCS launches on the two exchanges on November 30th. Bitcoin Spark is at the forefront of promoting investor security. To assure users of future development, the project has undergone three independent, comprehensive audits from Contract Wolf, [Vital Block](, and Cognitos. The organizations have published their audit reports, and the links can be accessed through the Bitcoin Spark white paper for investors to scrutinize the security status of the smart contract. Bitcoin Spark influx expected amid end-of-ICO bonus Bitcoin Spark values its community members, and to show gratitude for the continuous support, the devs have confirmed an end-of-ICO bonus that will once again give investors a chance to buy more BTCS at a reduced cost. The Bonus details are available on Bitcoin Spark’s official social channels including Medium and Telegram. The token supply allocated for the event is 100,000 [BTC]( which will be distributed instantly upon purchase from a 1000% bonus calculated from the purchase BTCS amount. The minimum amount eligible for the bonus is $100. The bonus does not undermine other bonuses including the phase 10 ICO bonus of 4% or the 10% commission issued for every referral who purchases BTCS with a minimum of $60. Learn more about Bitcoin Spark on: Website: [](

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