Bitcoin Will Get To 6 Figures?: Bitcoin Investment Tips During Covid19


Max Keiser, Wall Street veteran and host of financial TV program The Keiser Report, is anticipating Bitcoin’s bullis run to $28,000. He said that the government’s relentless money printing is the primary cause.

He didn’t really specify a time frame but he said Bitcoin will first rally towards $28,000 before we see a pullback – and then it will head to 6 digits.

Bitcoin soared to hit $11,300 on July 28, its highest level since August 2019.

It was probably triggered by the U.S. government’s announcement of another round of stimulus spending, a $1 trillion package.

Keiser said that Bitcoin’s rise is partly also due to the increasing demand on gold and silver.

As more and more are looking to protect their investment against inflation, dollar collapse and economic crash, people are starting to hard gold and silver. Since the world has a finite supply of silver and gold, they will most likely turn to crypto.

Regarding the relative accessibility of bitcoin over gold, Keiser tweeted: “I have been saying for over a year that silver and gold will be difficult to source and the market will shift to Bitcoin as hard money substitutes, and those who never thought of buying BTC will be forced to.”

Well, Keiser is right. More and more are turning to silver and gold but Noble gold has enough for you if you want to protect your investment.

But getting into bitcoin along with securing metals, will not just secure your investment, it will be a profitable venture for you.

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