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dundas west brunch Windows 10 update has changed drastically due to the impact of the new corona wild horse pass casino az encore chips Theblockchain crash impact of the new corona virus has led to unusual responses these days, but we are doing this In the meantime, the latest release of Windows 10 is on schedule (albeit a little behind). I would like to summarize the latest information around this time. Will general distribution of the May 2020 Update (version 2004) start on May 12? We are reporting that the update (function update) “May 2020 Update” (version 2004) is coming soon. This is the development version known as the so-called “20H1”. At the same time, the build number was “Build 19041.207”, and it was reported that the release preview for Windows Insider Program participants had started. According to ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, from a source, the provision of software equivalent to this May 2020 Update “RTM (Release To Manufacturing)” will start on April 28. , At the same time, the developer also explains that it will be possible to obtain the same version at this time. In addition, it is expected that general availability will start on May 12th, and it is expected that the distribution will start with a rolling update method from PCs that have been prepared as before. Recently, with the declaration of a state of emergency throughout Japan, although the percentage varies depending on the company and organization, a considerable number of people commuting to the metropolitan area have shifted to telework, and the IT assets of companies have shifted. The information system department, which is responsible for the management of this, is also busy with equipment enhancement and troubleshooting. According to a leaked story, a large semi-state-owned company has introduced a virtual desktop environment (VDI) assuming remote work in order to increase security, but As employees shift to telework, the number of simultaneous connections for VDI is greatly exceeded.As a result, we hear that there are major obstacles to work, such as dividing the usage time by department and considering setting the accessible time according to the employee number. At a major railroad company that aggregates all access to the company’s VPN connection, not just the use of the cloud, this has become a bottleneck and a problem has arisen in which the company’s network itself cannot be accessed. I hear there are. In any case, it may be the real intention of the IT person in the company that “Windows Update is far from it”. Even if we look at Microsoft as a whole, since February 2020, the topic of Windows has mostly disappeared, and Teams has become a hot topic for improving the efficiency of online meetings and remote work, and the company itself is also using it. It is in a state of pushing. With this background, the development of this May 2020 Update is expected to be the slowest start since the “October 2018 Update” in the fall of 2018. October 2018 Update, which stopped distribution for more than a month due to the file loss problem, probably because of the sense of caution among users, the spread of this October 2018 Update suddenly changed to a slow pace. Until then, when the distribution started, it was a large-scale update that had a sharp increase in market share like a rocket start, but it also had a major impact on the distribution cycle of subsequent updates. Especially during the telework period, when continuous operation of personal computers is important for both individuals and corporations, it is believed that there is a strong tendency to avoid risky updates in an environment where remote help cannot be expected. . It is assumed that there are more than a few users who want to use the delivery delay option to extend the update period even a little, and I expect that the May 2020 Update will probably be the slowest start since the October 2018 Update.How to win at baccarat strategy.How to win at baccarat strategy.How to win at baccarat strategy.

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