Britney Spears superfan Chris Crocker, 33, comes out as a transgender woman | Daily Mail Online

Britney Spears superfan Chris Crocker, 33, comes out as a transgender woman | Daily Mail Online

Britney Spears superfan Chris Crocker has revealed that she is transitioning to female and will be going by the name Cara — nearly 14 years after she went viral for her ‘leave Britney alone’ video. The 33-year-old internet star, who was assigned male at birth, opened up about her transition in a heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday, sharing that she is starting hormone replacement therapy this week after years of suffering from gender dysphoria. ‘It’s been 33 years coming and I’m happy to be in a place where I can embrace who I am,’ the Tennessee native wrote. ‘I have put my identity and personal happiness aside for so long, out of fear of rejection or me not wanting to embarrass my family.’ Cara, who has one million Instagram followers, said she realized that anyone who ‘actually loves [her]’ would have cared about how long she has been feeling this way in the first place. ‘I am transitioning and I have no more apologies to make for who I am,’ she continued. ‘This will be a lonely process in terms of emotional support from others, but I will be happy knowing I am doing this for myself and what I’ve needed for my gender dysphoria. ‘At my transition progresses, I will not be answering to Chris. It’s Cara.’ Cara noted that Crocker has never been her real last name, explaining that it was a stage name she picked when she was being sent online threats as a teenager. ‘I’m not living out of fear or anyone else’s terms any longer,’ she concluded. The post has received more than 37,000 likes, and thousands of people shared messages of support in the comments. ‘Hi Cara! So happy you can finally be your authentic self,’ influencer Milly Almodovar wrote, while singer Ferras added: ‘So happy for you. All the love to you as you embark on this journey! And hi Cara ‘ A few hours later, Cara returned to Instagram to share a video of herself tossing her long blonde hair and posing for the camera while wearing a red dress. ‘I should be sleeping but I’m so excited for my HRT appointment in the morning,’ she captioned the short clip. The transition has been a long time coming for Cara, who has struggled with gender dysmorphia, transphobic comments, and fears for her safety. In late March, she candidly spoke about why she was waiting to transition in an Instagram video, saying there were a number of factors holding her back. She explained that in her early 20s she felt ‘free enough to be female’ while in Los Angeles, but she started to feel ‘physically unsafe’ presenting as female in her small town of Bristol, Tennessee, where she owns a home. Cara added that she was also earning a living as an adult entertainer and was making primarily gay content in her videos that were shared on sites such as OnlyFans. She said that at the time she was presenting ‘aesthetically male’ until she felt safe and financially sound enough to transition, noting: ‘I do feel like a woman on the inside.’ Cara went viral in September 2007 after she uploaded a YouTube video of herself crying and screaming in defense of her favorite pop star, Britney, who was suffering a public breakdown at the time. ‘Leave Britney alone!’ she shrieked in the short clip, which earned her a seemingly endless stream of mockery, including movie and television parodies. With the #FreeBritney movement in full swing this year, Cara was able to sell the video as an NFT for more than $43,000. NFTs — sometimes pronounced ‘nifties’ — are a unique digital token encrypted with the creator’s signature that verifies its ownership and authenticity and is permanently attached to the piece. The tokens are similar to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum in that they live on blockchain networks, a decentralized, distributed ledger that records transactions of digital assets. Cara plans to use the money from the sale to fund her transition, which she has also discussed on TikTok. On Tuesday, the same day she announced her transition on Instagram, the influencer hit back at an online troll who commented on one of her videos, claiming she looks like a ‘boy in a dress’ and has ‘so much work ahead of [her].’ ‘Whoa, oh my gosh, you’re telling me I have work ahead of me?’ she responded sarcastically. ‘I had no idea — aside from the fact that I start hormones this week, I shave my face currently three times a day, and I’m in therapy. You’re telling me I have work ahead of me. Who f**king knew?’

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