BTC 48 days later, Lightning, TSLA vs BYD and MSFT vs GOOG

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00:00 Introduction
01:36 Where to Ask Questions
01:57 I’m down 40% in crypto but up in Bitcoin and need some cashflow now. There’s chatter Bitcoin might go lower. Do I take a hit and cash in half a coin (paid 19,600 for the coin) in the hope I can buy back the same amount at a lower price later, or continue to HODL and raise the cash I need from elsewhere?
02:34 Bitcoin Performance Post Miner Capitulation
03:31 Price up 30% Since Miner Capitulation
04:04 Bear Market Duration
05:06 NFA Conclusion
05:56 Is the Bitcoin Lightning network making much progress and if so, will it hurt other payment-related use cases on L1s?
06:09 What is the Lightning Network?
07:22 Final Settlement of Credit Cards
08:22 LN Has Seen Remarkable Growth
09:32 Still Room for Other Payment Solutions
11:23 I have found it very difficult to manage a spreadsheet for digital assets ie. multiple exchanges, wallets, withdrawals and fees. Can you provide us with your way of managing your portfolio?
11:45 The new IA Digital Asset Portfolio Tracker DAPT
12:25 IA Digital Asset Portfolio Tracker DAPT
12:44 IA DAPT – Works with All Cryptos
13:14 IA DAPT – Works with All Currencies/Pairs
13:35 IA DAPT – Detailed Market Information
13:50 IA DAPT – Play Portfolio Simulation
14:22 IA DAPT – Dashboards
14:52 IA DAPT – Launching Next Week
15:06 You say you do your research and back the fastest horses in a sector. From there you look for a competitor who could be the potential next leader. BYD, a Chinese manufacturer, is making huge moves in New Zealand and Australia and has many similar characteristics as Tesla. Is BYD Tesla’s biggest competition and if not, who are the potential Tesla competitors?
15:54 BEV/PHEV Market – Look for Green!
16:48 Financial Valuation Comparison
18:58 BYD Quality vs Tesla
20:09 BYD Will Use NVDA Self Driving Platform
20:37 Warren Buffett Keeps Selling BYD Holding
21:11 Tesla’s Gen 3 Platform will Murder Legacy
22:52 I read your update on MSFT buying 49% of ChatGPT. What’s the investment thesis here as you are considering opening a position? What type of math is behind this? How much could ChatGPT be worth to Microsoft?
23:15 MSFT AI Gambit – Has to Play Catch Up
23:33 Bing vs Google Search
24:12 MSFT Deal Math
26:04 Search Engines Facing Innovator’s Dilemma
27:10 Conclusion – MSFT or GOOG?
28:15 Could you please analyze the impacts of Optimus and the megapack will have on the stock price in the next few years and do you foresee Tesla spinning these 2 assets on their own?
28:55 Optimus Bot Potential TAM and Units by 2030
29:36 Optimus Bot Potential Attribution by 2030
30:25 Megapack Forecast thru 2030
31:10 Summary Theoretical Projection of all 3 Products
32:40 Energy Business Bigger Than Automotive
33:36 Now that Fidelity is opening BTC & ETH trading, should I be comfortable having them hold my keys just like they custody my retirement portfolio?
33:38 NYK-NYC
34:00 Fidelity Rating – 5 Stars
34:23 Fidelity ranks 3rd Largest

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