Cryptocurrencies are crashing. What would a $1,000 investment in the past be worth now? | Fortune

Cryptocurrencies are crashing. What would a $1,000 investment in the past be worth now? | Fortune

Sign up for the Fortune Features email list so you don’t miss our biggest features, exclusive interviews, and investigations.The crypto crash of the past few days slowed down some on Tuesday, but Bitcoin , Ethereum, Solana and more continued to post losses in early trading.Bitcoin and Ethereum are now at their lowest levels since July 2021—and both are trading for less than half of what they were worth last November. There’s plenty of bad news for anyone investing in the crypto markets, but it’s especially bad for people who jumped in at the peak. We got curious about exactly how bad returns on various crypto investments at various times in the past few years might be. For a wider picture, we looked at prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.Here’s the grim—and often not so grim—picture: (All prices are as of 10:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday.)As you’d expect, long-term investors are still positive, even with this latest round of volatility. Here’s what that $1,000 would be worth today, for cryptos that were around at that time.Bitcoin : $11,922 Ethereum : $6,060.93 Solana : n/a Terra : n/a Dogecoin : n/a Shiba Inu : n/aThe first big cryptocurrency rush was underday. Ethereum hit a high of $1,405.21. And Bitcoin hit $11,296.61. Had you put in $1,000 at that peak, here’s what the investment would be worth today.Bitcoin : $2,806.50 Ethereum : $1,718.55 Solana : n/a Terra : n/a Dogecoin : n/a Shiba Inu : n/aAfter a turbulent 2018, crypto markets began to climb again. Ethereum saw slow and steady growth to $301.40 and Bitcoin neared $12,000. Meanwhile, Dogecoin had made its way onto markets, though no one was paying it any attention at the time. Those that did, though, are still winning big.Bitcoin : $2,647.04 Ethereum : $8,012.34 Solana : n/a Terra : n/a Dogecoin : $35,703 Shiba Inu : n/aThe day after the WHO declared a global pandemic, Ethereum was trading at a modest $127.29, while Bitcoin was at $4,861.32. Dogecoin was still less than an afterthought for investors. That $1,000, though, would still have seen returns.Bitcoin : $6,521.67 Ethereum : $18,971.79 Solana : n/a Terra : n/a Dogecoin : $63,735.88 Shiba Inu : n/aInvestors were hot on crypto and prices were beginning their assent to the moon. Bitcoin hit $49,698.93. Ethereum was selling for $3,720.21. Dogecoin was up to 43 cents. And a new memecoin called Shiba Inu had just hit the market. For many investors, though, this is when that $1,000 investment began to look less wise. Here’s what it’d be worth today.Bitcoin : $637.92 Ethereum : $649.13 Solana : $2,932.02 Terra : n/a Dogecoin : $267.66 Shiba Inu : $809.14Bitcoin hit its all-time high of $67,553.95 and Ethereum was near its best price at $4,635.94. Dogecoin was already on the way down, though, falling to just over 27 cents, while Shiba Inu was hitting its peaks. The $1,000, though, would generally have been better spent elsewhere.Bitcoin : $469.31 Ethereum : $520.91 Solana : $301.89 Terra : $ 631.53 Dogecoin : $418.69 Shiba Inu : $309.09Cryptos were already losing ground at the start of the year. Bitcoin was down to $47,739.42. Ethereum had dipped to $3,766.82. And Solana was down to $179.07. Some investors bought on the dip. They would regret that. $1,000 spent at the start of the year is now worth:Bitcoin : $664.10 Ethereum : $641.10 Solana : $402.97 Terra : $ 346.02 Dogecoin : $666.04 Shiba Inu : $500Even investments made as recently as one month ago are showing losses. Bitcoin was at $42,749.91 and Ethereum hovered at $3,253.80. That $1,000 stake took some blows.Bitcoin : $741.61 Ethereum : $742.18 Solana : $639.21 Terra : $ 345.16 Dogecoin : $765.36 Shiba Inu : $680It’s not just pandemic-era investors who have seen hits. Even people who bought as recently as a week ago have seen their $1,000 shrink. How much depends on what they bought.Bitcoin : $827.39 Ethereum : $855.97 Solana : $829.62 Terra : $ 384.58 Dogecoin : $881.98 Shiba Inu : $809.52

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