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free casino no deposit bonus Deep vocals that give you goosebumps! AKG’s new frontier “K3003” ios 12 beta emoji.second star mansion From headphones to TVs and home theaters,cryptocurrency analysis website we have picked up new AV-related new products of various genres, and will be the first to review them. “Kenji Nomura’s Brannyu ~ AV Review” will be sent to you. This time, let’s quickly deliver a review article of AKG “K3003”, an ultra-luxury in-ear earphone just announced on September 6th. AKG “K3003”. “K3003i” with an in-line remote control with a built-in microphone is also available When I first learned about the existence of the K3003, I was honestly surprised. This is because the new flagship (which can be called an ultra-luxury model) released by AKG was not a headphone, but a canal earphone. Of course, AKG also has in-ear earphones. Even now, with the Quincy Jones model at the top of the list, there are six types of products for consumers alone. However, it is also true that AKG so far has focused on headphones when it comes to luxury models. Regarding canal-type earphones, they were limited to the middle class with a top price of over 10,000 yen (there was a model called K370 in the past, but it still sold in the 20,000 yen class). Then, suddenly, an ultra-luxury model was born. Moreover, it comes with a tremendous price tag of around 140,000 yen. Speaking of 140,000 yen, you can buy two AKG high-end headphones “Q701”. In the world of canal-type earphones, it is a solitary area where only enthusiastic products such as custom ear types and final audio designs exist. What was the intention behind suddenly launching a new product into such a world? In order to find out, let’s first look at the details of the product.The housing is made of stainless steel The K3003 uses unique technology and carefully selected materials only for AKG’s high-end model of in-ear earphones.・Hybrid technologyThis is a balanced armature driver, one for the midrange and one for the high range, and a dynamic driver for the low range. As far as I know, there should have been a 2-way model of a different driver “hybrid” in other companies’ products, but this should be the first 3-way model (there is a 3-way 5-driver model in Custom Year). It’s quite complicated, and it’s interesting to see what kind of sound is produced as a result. In addition, the choice of stainless steel for the housing and connectors, etc. Considerable attention is paid to materials, such as the use of cloth and rubber film for the cable, etc. In addition, three types of mechanical tuning filters are available, allowing you to change the sound balance according to your preference, which is a consideration unique to high-end models.Usability check Regarding the cable, it’s not the detachable type that’s in vogue these days, it’s an all-in-one type.With a product in this price range, everyone will continue to use it for a long time. I would like to see support for cables that are less durable than the main unit.Even if I can’t replace the cable myself, I would like to expect it to be repaired. By the way, look at the details of this cable. It seems that the stereo mini plug is plated with pink gold (I think), and the core wire is made of high-purity OFC material. It may be a consideration, but it’s also a pretty nice part. The K3003 has a lineup of two, the K3003i with an iPhone remote control and the K3003 without a remote control.This time, we tried the K3003. However, in this price range, there should be many people who are particular about sound quality.The presence or absence of a remote control can affect the sound quality, so it is nice to have a non-remote control option.Cloth that does not get tangled in the cable +Rubber membrane is used.The Y connector is also made of stainless steel On the other hand, although the accessories are not full of accessories, they are quite substantial.The silicone ear tips are on the ear side and the main body side (inside ) to change hardness and improve adhesion.Sizes S, M, Lcomes with one. In addition, you can see that the conversion plug for aircraft and the leather-like carrying case are particular about the high quality that is suitable for a high-end model.Check out the essential sounds ladbrokes mobile sports betting casino and games.

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