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Cryptocurrency Archives – SMS Magazine

News : Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency Govt to advance crypto regulation February 6, 2023 Rebecca Malins The regulation of cryptocurrency is about to be improved with the government implementing a three-pronged approach to achieve this objective. read more Crypto Assets, Cryptocurrency ATO urges advice on crypto investments October 24, 2022 Swagatalakshmi Roychowdhury The ATO has recommended SMSF trustees seek professional advice from licensed financial advisers when considering crypto-asset investments. read more Cryptocurrency NFTs limit audit actions October 13, 2022 Darin Tyson-Chan Practitioners auditing an SMSF with an investment in a non-fungible token (NFTs) will have few available avenues to deal with these assets. read more Cryptocurrency Govt to create crypto-asset regulation map August 23, 2022 Jason Spits The crypto-asset sector will be mapped to allow the government to regulate its operation and put in place consumer protections. read more Cryptocurrency NFT status, value remain unclear August 15, 2022 Jason Spits The status of an NFT inside an SMSF is still unclear and issues remain with proving their value from an audit perspective each year. read more Cryptocurrency Crypto ownership requires focus June 15, 2022 Darin Tyson-Chan The proof of correct and proper ownership of cryptocurrency assets is of the utmost importance from a compliance perspective for SMSF trustees. read more Cryptocurrency Economic conditions make crypto appealing May 11, 2022 Tia Thomas The high-risk and high-return potential of cryptocurrency could be the investment strategy SMSFs need during a rising inflation market. read more Cryptocurrency Apply first principles to crypto assets May 3, 2022 Darin Tyson-Chan First principles should be applied to cryptocurrency assets to ensure they are recognised and receive the proper tax treatment. read more Auditing, Cryptocurrency Crypto status can create audit risk March 31, 2022 Jason Spits The non-tangible nature of cryptocurrencies is creating risk areas for SMSF auditors concerned at the lack of physical assets and accurate records. read more Cryptocurrency, Regulation Hume flags crypto trading controls March 21, 2022 Jason Spits The federal government has flagged the creation of licensing and custody arrangements for cryptocurrency trading exchanges as part of a new policy paper. read more 1 2 3 4 ยป

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