Cryptocurrency Bear Market Airdrop Thread – Investment – Nigeria

Cryptocurrency Bear Market Airdrop Thread – Investment – Nigeria

Many people don’t know that you stand to make close to 10 – 15k USD by doing airdrop task(s), which ranges from doing testnet task for new block chain companies to completing crew3 task, and you can achieve without spending a dime, I am considering open an airdrop announcement channel on telegram where I will keep updating you guys about airdrops I am currently hunting and how to complete the task, I recently cashed out about $250 from $PANDAI token airdrop by simply chatting in their discord channels super easy.
Currently so many new block chains are popping and looking for testnet users and will in turn reward those testnet users with airdrop, recently arbitrum $ARB launched their token and people who participated in the testnet got nothing less than $5k worth of $ARB, I got around $7.5k ARB
looking at the current situation in the country let us help ourselves so our youths don’t go into depression. Before I start posting in the channel I will need numbers first, I will post after we hit the first 50 users. Lets go guy invite your friends and family I will be available to guide you through.
All you need are:
(a) Twitter account: The older the better, cause you will be liking a lot of post, tweeting and retweeting, a new will do too but just to avoid being banned or suspended.
(b) Discord account: Download the discord app from playstore/appstore.
(c) Telegram Account: Most crypto projects are on telegram
(d) Trust wallet/Metamask: These are two basics for beginners, some crypto projects have their own custom wallets too.
(e) PC: for those who are a bit technical, you will need a PC to deploy contracts and dapps on testnet and also run nodes.
Here’s the channel link: TELEGRAM AIRDROP
We Rise By Lifting Others.

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