Cryptocurrency community

Cryptocurrency community

If you’re interested in becoming more actively involved in the blockchain era, it’s time to become part of a supportive cryptocurrency community. But before you do that, you need to learn about the community.
Bitcoin (BTC) Community
The pioneering blockchain asset was Bitcoin. Rumor has it that Bitcoin creators still hold a million Bitcoins that have not been released into the crypto space. The community enjoys a large loyal following of enthusiastic supporters. They are experienced in both quantity and quality.
The community is said to have countless highly skilled cryptocurrency influencers. The community is one of the networks in the crypto world.
Ethereum (ETH) Community
The community has a strong network of prominent investors. These investors continue to fund the project. It is characterized by the Ethereum Community Fund, the brainchild of startups dealing with the network. Community funds are known to attract huge followers. The community funds projects that seek to establish infrastructure on the Ethereum network.
The platform is flexible and can serve several purposes, making it a preferred destination for developers.
Substratum (SUB) Community
The main purpose of the community is to decentralize the internet. This goal has helped it gain a large following. It is meant to achieve decentralization of the internet by changing the internet monopoly that has been there for years. No centralized server.
SUB is known for its community focus as part of its fundamental vision.
Bytecoin (BCN)
Bytecoin is one of the pioneer privacy coins. It existed before cryptography was widely known. A community effort has made it possible to create cryptocurrencies through forks. This increased the popularity of Bytecoin Therefore, the community supports the platform’s cause with great confidence.
Waves platform (WAVES)
WAVES is one of the platforms aiming to make the token issuance and crowdfunding process more affordable for the masses. One of its main goals is to revolutionize the field of token issuance and crowdfunding.
The community enjoys a huge following from dedicated developers and the community. Additionally, the Waves Community Token (WCT) has increased community engagement with the Waves team. Tokens will allow holders to rate new projects joining the platform to access future rewards.
Risk (LSK)
LSK is a decentralized project that enjoys a strong community following. This platform is focused on software development. In addition, we focus on real improvements in complaints about price dynamics.
The platform utilizes a high level of community participation in the governance of its structure. The platform has already benefited greatly from community participation.

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