Cryptocurrency investment scams

Cryptocurrency investment scams

April 19, 2022
CRYPTOCURRENCY INVESTMENT SCAM ALERT!!!Our detectives are working on several fraud investigations involving cryptocurrency. Be aware, with new forms of payment and money transfer come new ways for professional scammers to try and trick you out of it. These scammers are constantly evolving and adapting and target individuals worldwide causing billions of dollars in loss each year in the US alone.The Shelby Township Police have seen an uptick in reports of residents being scammed out of money through Cryptocurrency investment scams. Be it an online love interest, cold call, or phishing/email scam, If someone you have never met in person tries to get you to invest in Cryptocurrency, JUST DON’T! Before Crypto it was wiring money, mailing money, buying gift cards. Now easier, faster, and less traceable, the shift is to cheat you out of money through Crypto, which once it leaves your wallet, is gone.Scammers across the globe have created realistic looking banking and cryptocurrency websites and hosts of other well-orchestrated methods to convince you the scam is legit or the investor local. It isn’t. We fall back on the age old advice, if it is too good to be true, it is. Source:

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