Cryptocurrency Is Still the Investment Opportunity of the Decade

Cryptocurrency Is Still the Investment Opportunity of the Decade

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[Shiba Inu On Cusp Of Lunar Launch As 1.3 Trillion SHIB Barrier On Crosshair](./news/349554/shiba-inu-on-cusp-of-lunar-launch-as-1-3-trillion-shib-barrier-on-crosshair)
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Das Bitcoin Halving rückt näher. In 10.000 Blöcken wird der BTC-Nachschub erneut gedrosselt – mit womöglich positiven Effekten auf den Kurs….

[Playdapp Breach: Hacker Mints Tokens Worth $31 Million, Gaming Platform Offers Reward for Silence](./news/349553/playdapp-breach-hacker-mints-tokens-worth-31-million-gaming-platform-offers-reward-for-silence)
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Since the conclusion of the spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading sessions on Feb. 9, 2024, the nine freshly launched ETFs have amassed…

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