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dry tortugas ferry promo code Exploitation of labor in Kaesong Industrial Complex srdude hill casion coins rpg maker.william online customer service This cryptocurrency market newsis an opinion piece written by editorialist Lee Shin-woo of the Munhwa Daily on the 30th. This is a story I heard from a Korean official at the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization (KEDO), which was building a light-water reactor power plant in Sinpo, Hamnam, North Korea a few years ago. Hundreds of North Korean workers participated in the construction site of this power plant, and the official told the scene of the workers’ lunch. He said that whenever he saw them eating, his heart ached. The restaurant served free meals. North Korean workers always scooped out enough food for two or three healthy young men to eat. He doesn’t say anything, but he explains that it seemed like he skipped meals at home. The official reasoned that if meals were skipped at home, the share of the head of household could be shared among the family, and the whole family would naturally be able to distribute. Of course, it’s not that KEDO didn’t properly give them money. Of course, they paid the normal wages. In the case of simple laborers, the monthly wage was 110 dollars, so if you exchange it for North Korean money (143 won per dollar), it is 15,730 won. Considering that the wages of ordinary workers in Kaesong, North Korea in 2006 were between 2,000 and 3,000 won in North Korean currency, this is by no means a small amount. Moreover, if the 110 dollars were delivered to the North Korean workers in their entirety, they would have exchanged the dollar currency at an implicit rate, and in this case, the actual value is bound to be enormous. If done well, it was literally a sell-and-fix deal. Nevertheless, according to officials, the North Korean workers at the construction site did not stop “fighting over lunch.” What does that mean? This means that the wages paid by KEDO have not been properly delivered to the workers. Almost all of these wages flowed directly into a specific safe of the North Korean authorities. The money is the Labor Party’s strategy for the united front against South Korea.It is not known at all whether it was used for education or for studying abroad for the children of the party and military ruling classes. If you come across the blatant pro-North Korean acts or slogans that are rampant here and there in South Korean society these days, you can guess that a considerable amount of campaign funds are flowing back to South Korea. No, if the North Korean Labor Party officials had a strong national consciousness, the entire amount might have been used for nuclear development without a penny of “embezzlement.” Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the wages of North Korean workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex. The monthly wage these workers receive is $27, which is less than $1 a day on average. This is very shocking, considering that the money workers received for a day’s work at the Nike factory in Indonesia in 1992 was 1 dollar and 20 cents. On July 22, 1996, Chichi Sukaesi, a female laid-off Indonesian worker who protested in Nike Town, Chicago, USA, appealed to American consumers at the time. “Nike, which pays Michael Jordan, the company’s exclusive advertising model, $20 million, gives only $2 to workers who make dozens of pairs of sneakers a day that cost more than $70 a pair.” (The Hankyoreh, July 1996) March 24) Of course, South Korean companies operating in the Kaesong Industrial Complex do not exploit North Korean workers. Korean companies entering the Kaesong Industrial Complex operate according to contracts with the North Korean authorities when it comes to hiring workers. Instead of the North Korean authorities holding the authority to recruit, reward, punish, and fire workers, the monthly wage is set at 57.5 dollars. However, it is news that a whopping 30 dollars of this 57.5 dollars will be returned to the Labor Party. It is fortunate that even this rest is in the hands of the workers. According to data obtained on the 22nd by Rep. Kim Gi-hyeon of the Grand National Party, “Pending Issues for Residents in the Kaesong Industrial Complex,” $17.5 of the remaining $27.5 goes to insurance premiums and other expenses, and the final disposable wage is only $10. Even so, Human Rights Watch (HRW), an international human rights organization, hasIt is violating the Kaesong Industrial Complex Labor Regulations, which stipulates that workers receive a minimum wage of $50 per month, and is demanding a direct payment method to workers. There are also voices urging North Korea to join the International Labor Organization (ILO). How long are we going to ignore the labor field of the Labor Party, by the Labor Party, and for the Labor Party? roulette gambling rules.

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