Cryptocurrency Platform EasyCoins Releases Snowball, a New Wealth Management Investment Product

Cryptocurrency Platform EasyCoins Releases Snowball, a New Wealth Management Investment Product

With its release, EasyCoins has become the first crypto exchange to offer a fixed income note product at a global scale
Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile EasyCoins – the trusted, one-step cryptocurrency platform renowned for offering a diverse and advanced array of investment products, is proud to announce the release of Snowball, a new wealth management investment product designed to help investors compound their wealth.
Since its founding in 2021, EasyCoins has striven to offer its users access to the most advanced array of investment products in the industry, including cryptocurrencies, margin, futures, and spots, among others, all in an effort to help its users build and generate wealth.
Now, with the release of Snowball, its latest wealth management product, EasyCoins is doubling down on helping investors compound their wealth.
As many traditional investors may already know, Snowball, a type of an Autocallable Option, is already a very popular product in the financial world. At its core, the product is actually a fixed income note that increases in value continuously during tenor, like a rolling snowball.
Unlike a Snowball product in traditional finance, EasyCoin’s Snowball product is distinguished by its annual rate of return. As the world’s first cryptocurrency platform to offer such a product, Snowball is backed by complex trading and hedging strategies performed by an industry-leading trading team that works closely with one of the most prominent trading desks on the globe.
“EasyCoin is proud to now offer Snowball to tens of millions of crypto users across the world,” says Harsh Shethia, the Director of EasyCoins. “We believe strongly that Snowball is a great product and one that can help us further our mission of helping our investors grow and compound their wealth.”
Shethia added, “We also believe that Snowball can be a perfect financial product for investors who either haven’t considered the cryptocurrency space yet or have shied away from it due to the notion of it being a volatile sector.”
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EasyCoins is your trusted, one-step cryptocurrency platform offering the most diverse and advanced investment products. With its seasoned industry veterans and crypto native executives with over five decades of industry experience combined, EasyCoins offers one of the industry’s best crypto exchange experiences. The platform can handle millions of transactions per second and its world-class security system provides the most secure trading environment for its users.
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