Cryptocurrency Reflection Revolution

Cryptocurrency Reflection Revolution

Cryptocurrency Reflection Revolution
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ReflectorDex as the first of its kind is a Decentralized Exchange that provides a platform for earning reflections as rewards from non reflection tokens and coins.
The question every investor in Blockchain should ask is; why hold a token or coin without being rewarded for holding? This is where ReflectorDex comes in.
How to benefit from ReflectorDex.
Reflection rewards in ReflectorDex can be received by using BNB to purchase RBNB on the ReflectorDex platform. This keeps your RBNB in the pool, as you start getting rewards through reflections.
Another way to earn passively on ReflectorDex is through referrals. The more people purchase and hold RBNB through your referral link, the more you earn.
A good investor holds BNB. A wise investor converts BNB to RBNB in ReflectorDex to earn rewards while holding.
Conference information
Reflector Revolution is a huge conference spamming the University of Nigeria Nsukka Campus organized by covenant partnership & ReflectorDex in collaboration with UNN Student Union Government, with the theme Blockchain Leverage.
It will be an event comprising of speakers that are expert in Blockchain, they will be speaking to open the eyes of young people to understand Reflection tokens and how to profit from them.
These speakers include Egemba Gabizzy, Ofoegbu Cyprain. E, Abuchi Michael (SUG PRESIDENT), Ezekiel . C. Emenike, Odi. L.N (SUG DIR. OF WELFARE) and hosted by Gudenof Peculiar.
The official information is only in these sources;
For enquiry call
0903 218 6862
0811 828 8737
0706 310 6283
0806 951 1020

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