Cryptocurrency Weekly Issue 34

Cryptocurrency Weekly Issue 34

Cryptocurrency Weekly Issue 34
Welcome to the 34th issue of Cryptocurrency Weekly, which curates the latest cryptocurrency industry news and events.
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Articles and Tutorials
Kraken, OKX the latest crypto exchanges moving into new markets
Kraken is the latest crypto exchange set to move into a new market after securing regulatory approval to operate in the…
Ark 21Shares amends spot ether ETF proposal to include staking language
Besides a section on potential staking, Ark 21Shares also added similar language to its bitcoin ETF around cash…
The average crypto investor realized less than $1,000 of gains in 2023: CoinLedger
This was a stark improvement from the turmoil of 2022, when the average investor realized over $7,000 in losses amid a…
MicroStrategy Makes Its Case as Alternative to Spot Bitcoin ETFs
Michael Saylor’s software firm called itself a “bitcoin development company” in its fourth quarter earnings…

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