Cypherpunk Makes Huge Investment in Crypto Fund | Live Bitcoin News

Cypherpunk Makes Huge Investment in Crypto Fund | Live Bitcoin News

Cypherpunk Makes Huge Investment in Crypto Fund Nick Marinoff · May 8, 2022 · 1:00 pm
Cypherpunk – a leader in the blockchain, metaverse, and cryptography sectors – has recently invested more than $500,000 into the AB Digital Strategies Fund managed by Isla Capital. The company made a $250K investment in February and the second investment a few weeks ago in April. Cypherpunk Gives Half a Million Dollars to Digital Strategies Fund
Jeff Gao – the CEO of Cypherpunk – said that he is trying hard to ensure the company moves away from cash and traditional financial holdings while concentrating most of its energy, time, and resources on digital assets and similar alternatives. In an interview, he stated:
The time when publicly traded companies can get by as a vehicle for passively holding crypto is behind us. What will set Cypherpunk apart from the rest of the industry is our focus on surgically targeting pockets of excess returns and alpha opportunities in crypto markets and our focus on risk-adjusted returns as a metric for treasury management excellence. Going forward, Cypherpunk’s strategy will include operating a diversified portfolio of niche and highly technical strategies within the nascent cryptocurrency markets, some of which will be operated by third parties. Our engagement with Isla Capital serves to work towards our plan to engage partners with extensive trading experience who can perform crypto research for the purpose of profiting off directionally neutral strategies across exchanges, instruments, and other protocols. I’ve had great pleasure working with Ron Akram and William Beverley, co-founders of Isla Capital, both of whom bring considerable asset management and market experience to the table. I am looking forward to future collaborations between Cypherpunk and Isla as our company undergoes a pivotal transformation.
AB Digital Strategies is based in the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. A regulated hedge fund, the company aligns itself with present global financial legislation and uses a neutral market strategy to ensure that absolute return is available to all its customers. The company seeks to ensure low volatility and offers crypto products that are allegedly less correlated to standard financial tools and fiat currencies than one would see with a more traditional exchange.
All investment decisions made by the company are research-based and driven by market intelligence input. The team behind AB Digital allegedly has years of experience in the legal field, quantitative portfolio management, and financial structuring and trading. Keeping the Crypto Space Strong and Secluded
Based in London, Isla Capital is one of the oldest and largest investment managers in all of Europe. The company specializes in alternative investment strategies such as digital currencies, while Cypherpunk was built specifically to invest in crypto and technology companies and protocols that are seeking to boost investor privacy and trading security.
Among the current equity investments Cypherpunk has taken part in include bitcoin , Ethereum, Wasabi Wallet, Chia, and NGRAVE.

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