DCA Like a Pro, How much Bitcoin to Own, Options, A-tokens

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00:00 Introduction
00:57 Where to Ask Questions
01:08 Greg Foss, Jeff Booth, and many others say make BTC part of your portfolio for insurance against FIAT failure. What does that look like (i.e. how much BTC) for say a person with 100K annual income and 500K total security and real estate net worth?
01:40 Percentage of Holdings in Bitcoin
02:21 Your Situation
03:05 I’ve just had a Barney with the misses (her name is Kate) about Bitcoin. I struggle so hard to articulate to her its significance to our families prosperity. I love her but she is a bone idled, tick tocking, daily mail reading numpty! We have a disabled son and I have spent hours researching crypto, macro and I try to tell her I’m doing this for the benefit of our son/us. She doesn’t get it, thinks I’m gambling our future. Kindly explain to her why we bitcoin.
04:17 Playbook: Explain Bitcoin
04:49 Step 1: Explain Fundamentals of Money
05:47 Step 2: Explain What Fiat Is
06:44 Step 3: Problems with Fiat
08:15 Step 3 (continued): Problems with Fiat
09:17 Step 4: What makes Bitcoin Different
10:02 Do’s and Don’ts
11:18 When DCAing, what day of the week is, from a statistical perspective, the best day to buy BTC, alts and stocks?
11:36 Fun BTC Price Stats Since Inception
12:18 Best Day of the Week to DCA Equities
12:36 Why We Build DCAS / Check out DCAS here: http://investanswers.io/dcas
12:56 DCAS Results
13:1 Results: All Assets, Times and Strategies
13:24 Tesla Example 31% more ROI
13:53 How are the Crypto Compendium scores for Tokens with Tickers beginning with “A” compared to others?
15:00 From 500 Tokens
16:14 With the debt spiral “in progress” it seems there is no way out. Essentially economies need to generate value out of thin air. With the climate change narrative pivoting towards “energy security” could the re-marketing of shale gas/LNG as a cleaner than oil energy source be the one way out. Why is Warren Buffet investing in Occidental? How will this affect Bitcoin price?
17:10 Shale is not Clean Energy
18:06 Warren Buffet & OXY
18:25 Warren Buffet & Fit
19:05 Earnings Declining 30% Next 3 Years
19:37 Berkshire Has Underperformed SPX over last 13 yrs
28:00 Earnings are forecast to decline by an average of 29.6% per year for the next 3 years
20:30 Value Investing Dead? Video
20:40 Apologies but I am thick as mince and I have a hard time understanding Puts and Calls! Can you explain them to me like I’m a 10 year old kid.
21:10 Put and Call Options
21:45 Exchange Marbles and Make Rules
22:26 The Better Trader
22:50 How to Hedge / Check out the video on http://patreon.com/InvestAnswers (for Investor membership tier or higher)
23:15 What are your thoughts on Stronghold Digital Mining Inc? My son and I are using it to hedge our Cleanspark.
23:34 No Institutional Investment
24:24 Large Amount of Debt
24:55 Minus 84% Profit Margin
25:17 Red Flags
26:42 Summary
27:36 Given Presidential Election Cycle Theory vs SP500 returns, do you think it a coincidence that BTC halving years are also the year of US elections? Or was Satoshi playing 4D chess…?
27:54 Election Cycle Theory
28:18 Stock Market & Election Years
29:05 Presidential Election Cycle & Bitcoin Halving
29:49 Is it worth buying real estate (commercial / residential etc) under a LLC? What are the plus and minuses? I am planning to buy my first CRE.
30:35 LLC Limited Liability Benefits
31:25 LLC Tax Benefits
31:47 LLC Privacy Benefits
32:04 LLC Partnership Benefits
32:50 Helping Animals

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