Ethereum Holders: Special Campaign and 2.0 Latest Updates – 币安 Exchange for 以太坊

🎥: Ethereum 2.0 Is Coming. Ethereum 2.0’s proof of stake system replaces proof of work miners with validators who have invested in the ecosystem. Algorithms then choose which validators will create new blocks on the blockchain depending on the size of their stake.

To participate and read the campaign rules please visit:–Binance-News-02-24/?p=34521

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Buterin explained that upgrades to Ethereum would include a raft of new features including privacy protection through the use of zero-knowledge proofs which allow users to prove information through computation without revealing specific details publicly. This would allow users private transactions and contracts to be executed without needing to demonstrate the content of those activities.

Another feature will increase Ethereum’s scalability. Optimistic rollup is a scaling for smart contracts and decentralized applications on Ethereum.

“It provides scalability gains that are not as large as you can get with sharding or with plasma or stay channels, but it provides scalability gains that are very real. We can expect to see … about 4,000 transactions per second in the absolute best case,” said Buterin.

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