Expert Analyst Explores Chainlink (LINK) As Bitcoin (BTC) Remains A Promising Investment

Expert Analyst Explores Chainlink (LINK) As Bitcoin (BTC) Remains A Promising Investment

A Cryptocurrency Analyst’s Insights on Bitcoin (BTC) and Chainlink A trending cryptocurrency analyst is closely monitoring Bitcoin (BTC) and providing insights into Chainlink’s (LINK) recent movements. According to the analyst, BTC’s current price point is serving as a “point of reflection” for the leading digital currency. Despite the fact that Bitcoin is as of now experiencing rejection at this level, it is worth keeping an eye on. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $26,899, showing a 0.5% decrease in the past 24 hours. The analyst likewise shares a “short story” about Chainlink’s price movements in his Altcoin Newsletter. The charts depict that Chainlink has seen a whole lot of increase of +44% since mid-August. Despite the fact that Chainlink has yet to break out of its macro downtrend, it is as of now in a favorable position to close the week over the trendline. If this occurs, there could be upward movement for LINK. Nonetheless, it would only confirm a breakout from its macro range if there is a successful retest of the range high resistance as support upon weekly close. As of now, LINK is valued at $7.83, reflecting a 15.6% increase in the past week. Hot Take: Bitcoin’s Outlook and Chainlink’s Potential Bitcoin’s current price level is drawing attention, with analysts closely monitoring its movements. Chainlink, on the other hand, has shown positive price action and probable for a breakout from its macro downtrend. If LINK manages to successfully retest the range high resistance as support, it might confirm a breakout and see further upward movement. Keep an eye on Bitcoin and Chainlink as they navigate these critical levels. Don’t Miss a Beat – Subscribe to get email alerts delivered directly to your inbox. Check Price Action Follow us on [Telegram]( The post Cryptocurrency Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Is ‘Worth Watching’, Dives Deep Into Chainlink (LINK) appeared first on The Daily Hodl. Daisy Hodley emerges as a luminary blending the roles of crypto analyst, devoted researcher, and editorial virtuoso into a harmonious symphony. In the realm of digital currencies, Daisy’s insights resonate with an exquisite resonance across a diverse spectrum of minds. Her adeptness in decoding intricate threads of crypto complexities seamlessly intertwines with her editorial finesse, translating intricacy into a captivating melody of understanding.

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