For Kiyosaki, a house is no longer a good investment and he recommends Bitcoin

For Kiyosaki, a house is no longer a good investment and he recommends Bitcoin

Key facts:
Kiyosaki says real estate is no longer a good investment “in a Marxist government.”
He estimates that gold, silver and bitcoin protect savings, but do not generate income.
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Robert Kiyosaki, the financial advisor and author of books such as rich father poor father, has withdrawn an investment that you have recommended in the past. On his Twitter account this week, he told his two million followers that he “no longer recommends real estate.” Instead, he advised buying gold, silver and bitcoin (BTC).
From his perspective, “The Marxists took over the United States” since Joe Biden was elected as president two years ago in 2020. That’s why provides that they will “raise property taxes, impose rent controls, as rising interest rates will lower property values.”
Marxists are understood as those people who follow the theory of the mid-nineteenth century created by the philosopher Karl Marx. This school of thought believes that capitalism is a flawed economic system that exploits workers, generates inequality and should be replaced by socialism.
Beneath this panorama of Marxists that Kiyosaki visualizes in government, no longer sees real estate as a good investment. It should be noted that some of his financial recommendations, such as this one, are aimed at the US market, which may not apply to another country.
Kiyosaki Says Gold, Silver and Bitcoin Can Protect, But Bring No Income
Therefore, as he has noted on many occasions in recent years, Kiyosaki reiterated that: gold, silver and recommend bitcoin. He indicated that these three assets can “protect your assets”, but: That a caveat this time. The author cautioned that these should not be expected to generate “revenue.”
“As the economy collapses, stock markets collapse, pensions plummet and unemployment rises, incidental [trabajo fuera del habitual para ganar dinero extra] it can give you an income,” he said. And he noted that this side job could become the next ‘Amazon’.
With this post, Kiyosaki suggested that: gold, silver and bitcoin will follow an upward path thereby preserving the value of the savings. All this in the current context of economic crisis with devaluations and inflation. In that sense, he sees them as means of money protection, but not to generate income. The latter is considered to arise from a work activity.
In any case, it’s important to keep in mind that while several projections estimate the long-term rise of assets like bitcoin, there’s no guarantee of it.
Their prices may fall depending on the strength of supply and demand in the middle of the macro context. For this reason, as CriptoNoticias reported, its investors should: anticipate their risks to avoid unwanted scenarios.

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