Government investment of Bitcoin

Government investment of Bitcoin

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Government investment of Bitcoin
This is probably a dumb question but wtv.
So if we are about to enter a recession like a lot of people are assuming/calling, why don’t 3rd world countries like Nigeria for example, start investing into Bitcoin while it is super cheap?
This would give them multiple options as far as the financial well being of the country.
if Bitcoin becomes the new world standard, it would put them “ahead of the curve” and allow them to have any profit associated with being ahead of it.
they would have more time to integrate before it is internationally integrated.
if BTC isn’t integrated as the world standard, they would be able to cash out on any profits associated with Bitcoin between now and then
Voters will choose someone else if bitcoin gains aren’t quick, and the countries they depend on for aid might tell them to find it elsewhere if they’re making risky financial decisions while asking for aid.
They become a target. IMF will threaten to cancel their loans. These countries are usually on life support with those loans.
Best way would be to invest in bitcoin mining under the guise of renewable energy expansion. They could also make it easier and safer for their citizens to interact with btc and charge their citizens fees in bitcoin. Basically just talk about bitcoin, tell all its benefits, best practices, etc but never buy it yourself. Only collect it through mining and taxes from your citizens.
That way they wont get flak from IMF and they can always say that they are just letting their citizens be safe with bitcoin.
If they had money they would spend it on social programs. Bitcoin is very far down the importance list when there is no water and food. Bitcoin doesn’t magically do anything either. It doesn’t grow crops, it doesn’t make cars. Just having tokens in your possession doesn’t make anything happen. And profits are never guaranteed.
Most of 3rd world politicians have a lot of advantages by keeping the economy in recession, since they can change taxes as they want, or even print money to “heal” the economy. There is no effort to understand and take the best solution analyzing the whole scenario. Immediate gains are more attractive to 4-year elected politicians than long term consistent policies that really address the problem.
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