Grant Cardone, is bitcoin a good investment?

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That is, if you haven’t been put off the idea of buying bitcoin after Grant Cardone suggesting that trading in bitcoin would be similar to trading in donkeys ;-p

So, is bitcoin a good investment?
No… investments give a return (ROI). Bitcoin does not produce an ROI and is therefore a very BAD investment.

HOWEVER, it does have a very volatile value and this means you can make tremendous gains by buying bitcoin during market lows and selling it off during the exuberant highs.

Whether Grant Cardone is right about bitcoin or not, if you are looking to invest in bitcoin make sure to secure it in a TREZOR hardware wallet:

**DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial adviser nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your own research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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