Heavily Invested in These 4 Cryptocurrency Projects! – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

Heavily Invested in These 4 Cryptocurrency Projects! – Cryptocurrency News | Coins Booster

There have been quite a few investments lately, especially for four cryptocurrency projects. Here are the details… Cryptocurrency project raises $17 million Thetanuts Finance, a DeFi product protocol, has raised $17 million in a corporate funding round to expand Decentralized Option Vaults (DOVs). The tour concluded with the leadership of Polychain Capital, Hyperchain Capital and Magnus Capital. Thetanuts Finance aims to create a two-way market for more diverse asset offerings. It also plans to launch a buyer-side altcoin options market using DOVs. This gives DeFi traders access to leverage through altcoin options. Apart from that, it will allow them to buy options 24/7 without permission. DOVs combine an automatic market maker (AMM) and money market with its base layer. Thus, it allows traders to speculate on altcoin option prices and arbitrage opportunities. The company plans to accelerate the adoption of altcoin options markets in Blockchain ecosystems. It also aims to create new markets for DeFi users, opportunities for institutions and other investors. Thetanuts Finance aims to partner with leading L1 and L2 networks and their founders. In addition, it plans to establish partnerships with leading liquidity, market makers and exchange platforms. The new buyer-side altcoin options market powered by DOVs will soon enter the market in beta. Katmai raises $22 million Metaverse office platform Katmai has completed $22 million in funding to revolutionize the remote work environment with a new online workplace that combines 3D virtual offices, video cameras and avatars. The company combines video conferencing with a real-time 3D engine. It brings people together in immersive, private, lifelike environments that can be accessed via a browser without requiring a VR headset. Starr Insurance Companies led the funding round, which included NFL Super Bowl champion Sidney Rice. Rise Works received investment from famous names Web3 salary and compliance solution Rise Works has completed a seed funding round led by Sino Global Capital and Polymorphic Capital, with participation from Draper Associates, Hashkey Capital, Paradigm Shift Capital, WW Ventures, P2P and Cosmo Capital. The amount collected was not disclosed. Rise Works is a crypto-specific payment processor that aims to capitalize on the vacuum left by TradFi’s banking sector bankruptcy. The company hopes to attract both crypto-native and traditional companies with its Web 2.5 payroll solution, which works with both fiat and crypto-based treasuries and associated internal accounting systems. Cryptocurrency-based game ends $2 million funding round On the other hand, Free-to-Play game Flappy Moonbird completed its $2 million round at a valuation of $60 million. The tour was led by FBG Capital. Flappy Moonbird is produced by Helix Table, the studio of French video game developer and publisher Voodoo. Moreover, it was Voodoo’s first game to hit Web3. cryptocoin.com As we have also reported, Flappy Moonbird received a large investment in December last year. Completed US$6 million Series A funding led by LinkVC.

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