How One week of Investing 1000 dollars into Bitcoin Went Wrong

Last week I invested 500 dollars into bitcoin and 1000 dollars into my normal portfolio with ETFs in acorn. 🎁 Free Stock🎁:

And today is the end of that One week experiment, and that’s why in this video I’m going to show you how bitcoin did compare to my normal boring investing that’s consistent.

Now before I continue to show you guys the performance for the week, here’s what I predicted.

Bitcoin: I was at .12% gain ( I had a $557.95 in the account
– Predicted it might change by maybe (11:55 bought it)
– Lose a ton or make a ton ( 2x more than anything in acorn)
Acorn: I was at %5.71 gain ( I had $5790.83 invest at the time
– Predicted it might change by maybe 1-2% max either up or down and no more than that (9:17 stamp)

One week later 1000 dollars Worth of Bitcoin.

Oh and I heard three overall ideas in the comment from the last video.

1. It’s gambling
– Yeah it is, that was the point is video
– Whenever you buy something based on emotion, the trends or bob told you at Starbucks (well that’s all gambling)
– That’s why I Invest in Acorn and track the market instead with 5% of my investment income which is $500 bucks a month
2. Hold it’s a great investment because I missed out on it last time
– A lot of FOMO: people telling to hold, how they missed out on it
– Having hope: because they lost their bitcoin wallet that would be worth 50k today
– Oh and some said it’s a great long term investment, and that they trade it every day ( that’s a big red flag you hold long term investment)
3. It’s a great investment, and here’s why (no concrete ideas
– All they said is us dollar isn’t being backed by gold
Ans: It’s being backed by the us Gov which is a huge deal
– Gives the people power
– You can send a lot of money with it
Ans: I don’t really care, I’m talking quantitive valuation not assumptions

Here we go: remember to comment and leave your guesses

Acorn Portfolio:
Expectation analysis: I didn’t expect any crazy movement maybe 1-2% max
How much it did: Lose .01% and didnt move that much as expected
My reaction: I expected it

Expectation analysis: I honestly think that anything acorn did it did 2x-10x more either down or up
Example: if I made 1% maybe bitcoin did 2x or 10x same with a loss
How much it did: When we logged in it was up 4$ by the end of the video i lost 4% which is 25 bucks
My reaction: I knew i was too speculative




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