HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2021 – FAST and EASY Investing in Cryptocurrency For Beginners!

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HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2021 – FAST and EASY Investing in Cryptocurrency For Beginners!
Buying bitcoin in 2021 is quick and easy with Coinbase! In this video, I show you the best app that I have been buying my bitcoin with since 2017. Previously I was a bitcoin miner and it was difficult getting my hand on bitcoin in the early days of cryptocurrency. I use to meet people up and have to buy it with CASH. Can you imagine me walking around with thousands of dollars in my pocket and meeting random strangers for bitcoin! Not safe at all, LOL.
In this tutorial, I show you my bitcoin account and show you how to store crypto safely on Coinbase and with the Trezor. I also give you my thoughts on bitcoin today and how it has reached over $32,000 of value. (INSANE🤯) I believe that this time it is truly different to own this digital asset aka digital gold than it was back in the early days. With how the US government is printing so much money in 2020, Wallstreet Institutions investing, and SO many Brand Name brokerages getting in one the action(Square’s Cashapp, Paypal, JPMorgan, and Fidelity) I think bitcoin is here to stay.

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