How to buy Bitcoin for Beginners

There are a lot of reasons you may want to buy or invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with the highest cost (as of this video).

There are a lot of videos talking about the revolutionary blockchain, but very few videos actually going through the steps to buy bitcoin and transfer it from an exchange to your wallet.

Don’t worry though, I am here to make your day a little easier! I encourage you to go through this video content and get some experience working with bitcoin.

The way you get bitcoin is by buying it from an exchange. Specifically, a fiat to crypto exchange. This kind of exchange will take a fiat currency (such as the USD) and give a cryptocurrency in exchange (such as bitcoin, ether, or bitcoin cash).

Once you buy the bitcoin, you can have the exchange hold your crypto. Alternatively, you can transfer for your funds to a wallet.

The exchange and wallet of choice for this video is Coinbase.

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