How to Convince Family & Friends to Invest In Bitcoin!
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How to convince anyone to buy Bitcoin!

The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:00 Intro
Money is a medium of exchange and a store of value
Characteristics: Fungible, Durable, Portable, Recognizable, and Stable

1:00 What is Money vs An Asset
Step 1: Keep it Simple
Step 2: Don’t sell – Educate
Step 3: Focus on the technology adoption

2:00 What is FIAT
Fiat Money – Government-issued money that is only backed by the government’s that issued it
It’s not backed by anything like physical commodities, such as gold or silver

3:00 Will FIAT As We Know It Die?

4:00 FIAT is backed by Debt
The US Govt can never repay the debt. Too big too fast. The only way they can escape is to INFLATE out of debt. Make it valueless thru inflation.

5:00 What is M1 Money Supply
and Why Does it Matter?
Infinite Dollars – Infinity and Beyond

6:00 Impact of Money Printing
Think 100 people on an island and there are 100 apples. Each person has $1. Now give everyone an extra dollar. Does price of Apples go up or down?

7:00 POLL:
Has your family household wealth gone up $125.8K over last 12 months?

8:00 Increase in Money Supply inflates everything including Hard Assets like Stocks, Real Estate etc. Trickle Down Economics? Surprised Gold has been flat for last decade. Over last 12 yrs household wealth has gone up 5.3X – has yours? The so-called Cantillon effect describes the uneven expansion of the amount of money. If a central bank pumps more money into the economy, the resulting increase in prices does not happen evenly. Closest to money printer reap the rewards

9:00 Impact on Stock Market
15% inflation today means the stock market needs to go up 15% to stay flat. As I always say, Money Printing Inflates Stock Market.

10:00 Talk To Me About Purchasing Power?
The Debasement of fiat, means the purchasing power of your money falls

11:00 Removing the Gold Standard – the impact of money printing

12:00 How Inflation Eats Your Wealth

13:00 Key Lessons
Saving FIAT is a losing proposition
Owning Hard Assets is winning
Bitcoin is the hardest asset

14:00 How is Gold Different to Bitcoin?

15:00 But isn’t Gold the Perfect Inflation Hedge?
This is the CPI Adjust Gold Appreciation since 1970 – FLAT!!!

16:00 Bitcoin vs Gold
From 139 BTC per Oz of Gold to 18.5 Oz of Gold per BTC.

17:00 If you put $1000 into BTC every year for last 10 years:

4.5M percent returns. Not saying this will continue. Some years are great some are rough. Avg gain since inception is 1487% a year based on Jan 1 prices.

18:00 If you put $1000 into Gold every year for last 10 years:

18:20 Appreciation before Inflation
14K vs 447M

Gold Appreciation LessLoss of Purchasing Power
US Govt Published CPI – Gold lost -9.70% over 10 yrs

19:00 But is CPI real???

19:10 US vs ROW

19:30 What True Inflation Looks Like
Inflation is the rise of prices over time where each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services.

20:00 Talk to me about Bitcoin Purchasing Power?

21:00 Why is Bitcoin Called the Hardest Asset?
Reason: Scarcity. Bitcoin’s core property is that there can only ever be 21 million coins.
BTC is technically deflationary due to lost coins

21:30 Is Bitcoin Legitimate?
Bitcoin is math
Legitimacy is based on based on an open system of cryptography
Open source to verify that the that the transactions are legitimate

22:00 But Isn’t Bitcoin Too Volatile?
This is true. Bitcoin historically has very high trading volatility.
This because it is a new asset whose market cap has grown to hundreds of billions of dollars, from 0 a decade ago

23:00 But Won’t Bitcoin be Banned?
Bitcoin is digital. Banning Bitcoin is like trying to ban the internet.
But Won’t Bitcoin be Banned?

24:00 Is Bitcoin Secure?
Bitcoin is the most secure computer network in history
It grows more secure as more participants join the network
Bitcoin price and hashrate across time:

24:30 Talk To Me About Smart Money
Some recognizable names who are all in on Bitcoin:
Paul Tudor Jones
Ray Dalio
Elon Musk
Michael Saylor
Mike Novogratz
Chamath Palihapitiya
Winkelvoss Twins
Raoul Pal
Barry Silbert
Cathy Wood
Robert Kiyosaki
Mark Cuban

25:00 Am I Too Late?
No, every new technology has an adoption curve, this shows Bitcoin still has a long way to go – but we are less than 1.5% adoption and bitcoin adoption is growing faster than the internet

225:30 Ok, I Get It Now…How Much Should I Invest?

The BTC Accumulation Game Plan

Ultimate BTC DCA Strategy


This is the biggest asymmetric bet of my lifetime

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