How To Get Rich in 2023 with Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing has been tough, but there is no better way to try to become a millionaire other than with BTC and other crypto coins… Here is how I am trying to get rich in 2023 with cryptocurrency. Subscribe!

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It is easy to give up when your investing portfolio dumps, and your networth is nuked and to be honest I feel like giving up lately… but its when the times are tough and you really feel like quitting is when you need to dig deep and keep pushing forward… bear markets for stocks and cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are tough, but its when coins are cheap it is the best time to buying in. I have taken some huge hits in 2022 because of SBF, FTX, BlockFi and just general bad market conditions… 2023 could be a recession but that doesn’t mean I can’t either make moves to make money and even set myself up to become a millionaire by investing, and to get rich… it is not all about money, but everything costs money so here’s how I am trying to make money investing in 2023!

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 How crypto has treated me in 2022
02:25 What will happen with VoskCoin in 2023?
03:33 Chia mining is the best coin to mine in 2023
05:15 Should be I Lending out my cryptocurrencies?
07:00 Bitcoin investing
08:50 crypto airdrops can make millionaires
09:38 What are the best coins to buy in 2023?
11:11 Surround yourself with winners, and you’ll be one!
13:50 Will I be mining cryptocurrency in 2023?
15:44 Will I be investing in NFTs in 2023?
16:17 How I am trying to Get Rich in 2023 with Cryptocurrency

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