How to Master the Mindset of Crypto & Investing

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Unlocking the Secrets: Mastering the Mindset of Crypto and Investing for Maximum Profit!

How To Master the Mindset of Crypto and Investing
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0:00 The Story – How To Mastering the Mindset of Crypto and Investing
2:35 Frame of Mind
3:36 Thinking War
3:40 Win the battle against the enemy
4:17 When at War with Something
4:40 Personal financial stake
5:12 Crypto Is Echo of Previous Cycles in Investing
5:40 :00 Good investing is good psychology
6:00 Beware Time
6:13 Crypto 98% of crypto will go to zero
6:20 From 2000 to 3 + Tesla
7:00 Half-Life of Everything is Shrinking Esp w #ai
8:44 Human Behaviour
9:00 Unhealthy Relationship with Money
10:20 Price Does Not Matter Psychology
11:08 Focus
11:20 More is not More – eg 66 Allocations
12:00 Different Views
12:10 No One Right Way
12:20 Ideological beliefs
12:40 Group identity
13:40 Religion
14:18 FOMO Mistake
14:25 Fear of missing out (FOMO)
15:45 Beware Confirmation Bias
15:55 Confirmation bias
16:40 Luck and Risk
16:50 Luck Can Be A Curse
18:16 Luck and Risk Detail
19:45 Invest In Yourself
21:29 Happiness and fulfillment
21:39 Happiness and Income – GINI Coefficient Explained
22:43 Hope for a better future
23:17 Conclusion
23:20 Summary
23:30 Emotions and behaviors influence our financial decisions
25:25 Meanwhile….. BITCOIN

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