In under 12 months I was able to become a bitcoin millionaire by investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, & ripple. Granted I was already a millionaire prior and used five figures to invest several years ago, it wasn’t that difficult, keeping up with the cryptocurrency space for a while now. Having traded stocks and options in the past, I have been heavily involved with fintech so when something like bitcoin and Ethereum comes out, naturally I was involved but also skeptical. Nonetheless, I am a business professional with multiple degrees and have experience managing and trading millions of dollars already. I have claimed and done this for many years now so this is nothing new just go through my old stuff. I am here for the facts and to help people better educate themselves. Mainly, I just want to open the dialogue and get people discussing and motivated to dive deeper and learn more and discuss crypto currency.

I explain a little about my story, but I just wanted to go into brief detail and get some feedback from you guys to see what questions you have and how my story can benefit you, now that you know where I am coming from. From there I plan on explaining whatever questions you guys got! I have benefitted a lot already off of cryptocurrency so the least I can do is share some info that you guys have been asking me for. All I ask is you guys be safe and share the videos and just help others to do the same! Make money in crypto, put it into stocks and real estate. Rinse and repeat! Hopefully this helps and hopefully you guys like the video!

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