IA Q&A: Bitcoin, ETHvsSOL, ARKK, Tesla Split, Power Ledger, MIDAS + more

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is for informational and educational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses a considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.
00:00 Introduction – bloodsport
01:00 Big shout out to all of the CRYPTO MOMS.
01:26 If BTC goes bullish again and heads back to its ATH, what is your plan for laddering out? How much do you leave untouched?
01:50 BTC Social Sentiment in the Tank
02:15 Rollercoaster
02:40 Bitcoin is a Savings Technology
03:20 US Price of Bigmac in 2009
03:50 Not in it for an ATH
05:00 How long after Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting can their stock split be expected to happen?
05:10 Last Tesla Stock Split in 2020
06:50 If I experienced a major unexpected expense (ie medical) where should I pull the money from to pay for it: cash, crypto or equity?
07:00 From Where to Pull Money
08:53 Will you continue to DCA Solana? The narrative that popular chains are targeted isn’t good enough anymore. Perhaps there’s a larger problem with their code?
09:10 Day 1 Thesis
09:54 Quick Summary
11:48 What would you suggest to people who have bought into ARK funds and are now in the red?
12:00 ARKK – Crushed down 66% in 200 Days
13:10 3x aka Triple Bagger Needed To Make It Back
14:30 Thoughts on Power Ledger? With the movement for renewable energy, mining, etc, it would allow peer to peer energy trading on the existing electrical grid.
14:50 An Energy Backed Crypto Possible?
15:30 Is Peer to Peer Energy Trading Possible?
16:20 Re number of validators on each project, what is more important: validators or NFT gross? What will increasing validators do for Solana project?
16:40 Validators are Important
18:00 Top Chains Ranked by # of Validators
19:00 Midas Investments staking platform: your thoughts or a deep dive?
19:20 Midas
20:00 What are the Risks
21:07 What steps do you see Solana taking in combating these DDOS attacks?
21:30 Recommended Steps Prevent DDoS
23:13 Is there proof that bots are dominating trades and how would this effect/cause a crypto capitulation?
23:30 Bots taking over?
25:30 Your Contributions, Our Donations
26:00 Ron B I just bought google at 2300, I’m waiting for Tesla under 850 it hasn’t hit it came close should I just buy now
27:38 c
how do you harvest cash when your 40% down on everything? or best to HODL?
30:00 Artem
where do you see SOL if BTC will be at 30-32k? What would be a good entry points?
31:40 Crypto Papi
where is all of this sell pressure coming from? also, does the fed have a bitcoin wallet that they deposit confiscated btc to?
34:00 Cellar Door
Bitcoin is 5 figures and we have 4 figure daily shifts. When Bitcoin is 6 figures, will we have 5 figure daily swings? That would be nuts!
35:40 CourageTheCowardlyDog
What would be the purpose of stablecoins pegged to 1USD once fiat goes to 0 (eventually)?
37:40 1Bridem
What do you believe the SOL floor to be now ?
39:40 Crypto Creed
What is the best entry price for LUNA?

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