Intro to Cryptocurrency

Intro to Cryptocurrency

MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 ChGenre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 21 lectures (2h 36m) | Size: 1.35 GB A formal and organized way in order to learn cryptocurrency What you’ll learn Why you should begin to look at cryptocurrency differentlyBe self sufficient in doing your own researchUnderstanding the different ways in buying cryptocurrencyPrevent yourself from getting scammed Requirements Only requirement is for you to want to take control of your finances and willing to learn so Description This is an introduction program to cryptocurrency. Learning this space can seem like a whole new language and can get worse when you are actually taking action in the space. That worse action is losing money! This is a very big emphasis within the course.We want to help avoid this so that in the future, you can continue to take action in a safe and friendly environment. We will do so by having organized content that build on top of one another. As you progress, you will be able to understand more and more terminology.These are a-lot of the things we wished we learned early on in order to avoid confusion, with this program, we want to get you to be able to understand and speak with others that are within the crypto space.Not only will be able to speak and understand everything, but potentially go further and make a career out of this. Whether is it be building a project, getting a new job, making passive income, being a collector, and etc this course will build a strong foundation so that you can go further and take advantage of it.There are no fancy edits or anything as we will get straight to the lesson and give our experience since being in this space since 2016.Look no further, this is the intro to crypto course. Who this course is for Anyone that is interest in learning a new sector and technology and want to avoid pitfalls early on so you do not lose moneyHomepage

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