Investment Opportunity With New Cryptocurrency Miners – VCP Crypto

Investment Opportunity With New Cryptocurrency Miners – VCP Crypto

If you are an aspiring crypto investor, Bitramo is now offering a series of exciting investment opportunities tailor-made for you. This crypto start-up stormed into the market earlier this year with three mining rigs that have already claimed their stake as the most profitable mining hardware ever created. Making things even better, you don’t need to be a technology geek to make a profit using Bitramo miners. Bitramo’s product range currently comprises of Ramo1, Ramo 2, and Ramo X, three cutting-edge 3nm ASIC miners. Many industry experts feel that these three rigs are the most powerful and cost-efficient mining rigs ever to hit the market. The extraordinary capabilities of these miners are because of their unrivaled hash rates and reasonably lower power consumption, two factors that are directly responsible for a miner’s profit-making potential. Bitramo Hash Rates Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Monero Ramo 1: 360 TH/s 30 GH/s 2 GH/s 2MH/s Ramo 2: 750 TH/s 70 GH/s 5 GH/s 5 MH/s Ramo X: 2250 TH/s 210 GH/s 15 GH/s 15 MH/s Individuals that are well acquainted with the field of crypto would surely understand the value of these hash rates. As a result of these hash rates, compared to other products, Bitramo miners can process much more data in a given time. Some of the delighted users of these miners claim that they have recovered 100% return on their investment within just one month. Some of the profitability figures revealed by these users are simply mind-boggling. Monthly Profits Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum Monero Ramo 1: $1900 $1400 $2200 $2500 Ramo 2: $4000 $3500 $5700 $6600 Ramo X: $12,300 $10,500 $17,000 $20,000 If you think that now you know all the great things about Bitramo miners, you are wrong because there is much more in store. Firstly, unlike any other company in the crypto market, Bitramo takes the needs of all types of users into account while creating its products. The company’s mission is to create a space for everyone to benefit from investing… Click Here to Read the Full Original Article at NewsBTC…

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