Is FinnovationZ Investing in bitcoin? | Right time to invest in Bitcoin?

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In this video, we are going to talk about why Bitcoin price is rising from Rs.7 Lakh in Oct 2020 to Rs.36 Lakh, as of now? What are the reasons behind Bitcoin Price Surge? Why to buy and why not to buy along with the reasons. Impact of Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey’s investments in Bitcoin. Along with that, we have explained the evolution of Currency and the probability of Bitcoin to be used as the next currency.

We also tried to throw some light on the challenges with bitcoin investments and everything related to Bitcoin investments is explained in detail.

Let’s Watch:

1:18 – Raise of Bitcoin Price
2:02 – Why the demand for Bitcoin is increasing
2:30 – Can Bitcoin be the next Currency? History of Currency!
5:08 – Problems with Bitcoin?
6:42 – Requirement of Independent Regulator
6:56 – Requirement of genuine Bitcoin Exchange
7:50 – Minimum amount required to invest in Bitcoin
7:58 – Conclusion

Check our video in detail about Bitcoin
What is Bitcoin in Hindi –

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