Is It Too Late To Invest In TSLA? Elon Musk, Bitcoin, SPACs w/ Emmet Peppers (Ep. 247)

TSLA, Tesla Stock, as a long-term investment, options opportunities, SPACs, Elon Musk, Bitcoin, DeFi, Clubhouse, investment mistakes, diversifying brokerages, what we’re excited about this year. [recorded 2/6/21 night]

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – TSLA stock rebound
3:40 – Jeff Bezos leaving Amazon
10:40 – Why still invested in TSLA? Can it 10x from here?
22:50 – Portfolio goals
26:18 – Motley Fool
29:16 – TSLA options opportunity with FSD
31:50 – Is it too late to get into TSLA?
36:10 – Taking a stoic’s view and thinking objectively
48:40 – Elon and dogecoin
53:00 – DeFi
1:04:13 – Clubhouse
1:10:04 – Options opportunities and thoughts on a downturn
1:16:14 – SPACs
1:19:01 – Biggest investment mistakes
1:28:20 – How to invest for security vs growth
1:31:00 – Investing with spouse
1:43:35 – Choosing brokerages
1:49:05 – Investing fulltime
1:56:40 – What are you most excited for about 2021?
2:03:09 – Small business grants
2:08:40 – Conclusion

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